How to Make a Quick and Easy Adjustable Slider Necklace

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Designer: Rachel Zaimont
Skill Level: Beginner
Find out how to make an on-trend snake chain choker with an adjustable slider clasp in this video, where you'll also learn more about these versatile silicone-core sliders and how they can be used to make easy, chic jewelry that adjusts to your size.
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hi this is rachel with beadaholique and ez adjustable slider necklace this is a very fast project when you need a choker necklace that is simple and streamlined and elegant and it only has two ingredients so the first ingredient is this silver plated snake chain this is a 26 inch finished chain necklace that has the attached clasp and we'll get to what to do with that in just a second and this chain is one and a half millimeters thick which will be important later because it has to fit into the second ingredient which is a silver adjustable slider clasp these are really cool it's a silver plated bead with a silicone core so it will securely hold any chain or core you string through it and allow it to slide through that center hole there so it kind of functions like a macrame knot but it's a much more polished look and I have a couple examples of other finishes we have here we have the silver plated we have gold plated we have antique silver plated and we have antique brass so you can mix all different kinds of chains of different finishes in these adjustable slider clasps and get a really cool piece of jewelry so let's get started you're going to need these two things and for tools you'll need two pairs of pliers I'm using two pairs of flat nose pliers but you can use one flat nose and one round nose if you prefer so the first thing you're going to do is take your finished snake chain necklace and you're just going to take off the clasp so just open up the clasp and then take your pliers and find the opening of the jump ring and you just open jump ring and take the clasp off the end of the necklace they're good and what you're left with is this really streamlined small end cap which is exactly what we want on the end of this necklace that we're going to make so then go to the other end of your necklace and it was just a jump ring so just quickly take that off and now you'll take your adjustable slider clasp and slide on the first end of the snake chain and it will slide right through that silicone center of the bead then you'll take your other end of the necklace and slide it through in the opposite direction so we started by putting the first end through this way and you will put the second end through the opposite direction and this would be a little bit harder because you do have that first and already going through so something I like to do is just take a pair of pliers very gently and sort of push that end through the center of this slider clasp bead and then you'll just pull the two ends through the slider clasp and your necklace is done so let me show you what you can do with this I'm going to place it onto this bust here and all you do is just simply slide the ends of the snake chain through the slider clasp to tighten your necklace and you can make it any length you want so I think this is really beautiful as a choker so I'm just going to tighten the two ends by pulling them through that slider clasp and now we have this gorgeous streamlined choker and this necklace is 26 inches log which is big enough so that you can slide it over your head so all you have to do is open it up by sliding the two ends almost to your clasp and then you have this big space here that you can slip it over your head and that's important because you don't actually want to take these ends back out through the slider clasp because they're a little bit hard to put in and they're even harder to take out of the slider bead because these end caps are a little bit thicker than the chain so when you want to wear it just again slide your two ends of the snake chain to tighten the necklace and because this is a one and a half millimeter necklace there's some really great tension so it will slide as tight as you want and then hold it at that length and a nice design tipped I like is that it's great to have the two ends of your chain hanging at slightly different lengths it just creates some visual interest in the front and you get this really streamlined really sexy look that just drapes down the front of your body so that is how to make a quick and easy adjustable spider necklace you can find all of these supplies at thanks so much for watching

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