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today we will teach you how to create a easy but sparkling and fabulous pair of earrings combining acrylic stones and metal blanks what do I like about this acrylic stones that they can be used for sewing and they can be used as a jury component as well first thing you are going to be doing is hammering the metal blank I'm using a German silver metal blank round one and then I'm gonna start using the ball peen hammer and I'm going to use this side of the hammer to create another fantastic hammered edge first we're going to do the edge around the bank I'm pretty much doing two turns in other words hammering twice the edge first and now I'm going to start hammering the section the middle section of the blank because we won't make that area rough as well and the reason that that needs to be done is to make sure the glue is really in contact with decorative stone now I'm going to flip and I'm going to flatten the back of the blank with the flat side of the hammer and now after you have hammered completely the edges in the middle section of your blank you create a hole you can use a hole punch pliers to create a hole that's going to be used to connect your jump ring your hear component keep it lit closer to the edge it doesn't need to be too much down because remember you're going to glue your cabochon on the center of the blank and now as a final touch onto the blank itself we're going to smooth the edges of the back you can do it Minister as men as long as you want but it doesn't need to go more than one minute around the concrete surface edge of your bracket finish a footer right where I started in which where I punched the hole on it then you can always clean up your blanket with a piece of paper because you need the surface to be oil-free so we don't need you can't have need to really make it the surface right so the adhesive can really work well now we're gonna mix a little bit of two-part epoxy glue I'm dispensing a small quantity into a cup we're gonna steer the glue is ready when you see this kind of almost like a frosting you know color it's no longer clear then you're gonna grab a cabochon one of those sewing stones I'm using a silver color to create that sparkling look keep on silver it's a good colorful already the holidays it's a pre-holiday earring and now you can move the cup to the side and we can place it you don't need to relate to a measure it's just eyeball based on the position of your hole and then you place the cabochon on top of it and you let it sit this a pox it's like I said the five minute ago so in five minutes it's going to be done it's going to be completely cured okay now and we are just one step away to finish our fantastic sparkling earrings so we're gonna use one of this French hook wires that comes with the spring and a ball this particular one you're gonna have to use your a pair of flat nose pliers or bent nose pliers and you'll flip away from you like to just flip it twisted 45 degrees angle so you can when you attach it to the jump ring it lays on the right position so we have the Arai ready now I'm gonna get one jump ring and in reality you should have to you should use true pair of pliers to open the jump ring but sometimes you can just hold it between your finger you just move one just the at the hand that you're using to hold the pliers and the other one you just keep it steady then you thread that through the through the even component then you add your fantastic blank and hope that that's really cooking works so we're just going to do this there you go jumping passing the whole of the component and then you can hold jump ring with two pliers and then go back and make sure that the thing aligned perfectly and then you have your pair of earrings finish you just repeat the entire process since the beginning so we can make it a matching earring you can also create a variation of the same design but instead of using an ear wire you can make a a pair of a stud earrings so you just have to hammer it over in this case I'm using an oval blank and one of the oval shooter stones so here I have a red one ready to go and what you need to bring to this design is one of this flat surgical post and then we're going to use this pretty much the same technique use a little be a dab of two-part epoxy glue and you add that to one of the the back of the Ring of course position it towards to the top and I'm gonna repeat the same with another earring and then you have a pair and don't forget let it sit for 24 hours before you wear so here I can show you how this is gonna be really pretty that's our last pair of earrings for today you

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