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Hi, this is Julie with and connector chain and it has bar dangles and i just have to show you this chain because it is so cool we are all in love with it here at the design space so if you look at the chain itself it comes in different finishes so we have this really pretty matte gold we have a silver and antique silver and we have an antique brass all of them have great movement now a couple things are really nice about this chain one is you can buy it by the inch which makes it absolutely perfect if you're doing a pair of earrings like this also it's really nice if you see how the chain is actually constructed so I'm going to lay this out and you can see that it's got these 25 millimeter bar dangles that are all connected with eight millimeter connector links so there's a lot of different things you can do that plays off of the actual construction of the chain itself whether you're making a pair of earrings a necklace whatever you might be doing you could hang other little dangles between the little jump rings between the connectors a lot of different things you can do and one of the things you can do is make a really simple but very fun pair of earrings and I've made one right here so what you're going to need for each earring is an inch of the chain itself which I'll show you right here to cut an eye pin an earring hook and I'm using antique silver for the earring hook and I'm actually using gunmetal for the eye pin and then I'm using this rondell and then bicones in Crystal Light chrome and these are Swarovski crystals I really want to add that pop of sparkle which is going to contrast nicely against the matte of the antique silver so I've got my chain and I'm going to measure out an inch so there is a hinge and I'm gonna cut it I'm just gonna cut through that jump ring I set my chain aside and now on to my eye pin I'm going to place one bicone followed by the really cool rondell and this rondell is a little different than a rondell you might be more familiar with which is more rounded this is a new rondell shape by Swarovski and then another bicone and then I'm going to create a simple wire loop at the top using my wire looping pliers so I'm just going to grab the wire right above the last bead squeeze my pliers I'll do half the work for me form that wire around rotate my pliers to the top and continue pulling my wire to create the loop now I'm going to trim my excess wire right where the wires overlap and then open up that loop the same way I would open a jump ring going to slip on the bar chain and then close up that loop actually if you'll notice on these guys you have a choice you can either have more of the crystal show or more of the light chrome finish so in this particular case I'm wanting more of the crystal to show up top but you could easily just reverse that as well and now I'm going to attach the earring hook the same way so I'm just going to open that loop slide on the earring hook and close the loop back up and then I've got my earring and you'll notice on this one I do have one little piece of bar that's kind of just extra right there you could leave it if you wanted to or you could trim it off and if you trim it off all you need to do is just be very careful because we don't want to cut the jump ring but you can see that little tiny loop right there so we're just going to take our cutters and we're just going to cut into that loop actually right through it and then just discard it so there we have our fun earrings that have a lot of play and movement to them and we're very easy to construct and all it took was two inches of the bar chain for both earrings and they're ready to go you can find this fun chain along with a lot of other chains the instructions for these earrings and many other projects and videos at you

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