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Hi, this is Julie with it's three and a half by three and a half inches and it's really actually just a nice box in and of itself but I wanted to dress it up a little bit if you're selling your handmade jewelry or giving it away as a gift so this is how we're gonna alter it one instance we're gonna be using the vintage big kick machine and an embossing folder and another one we're gonna be using some collage paper so I'm gonna start with this one here oh and a quick note you'll notice both of them have these really darling Tim Holtz ideology tags on them these come in a pack of 24 and help all these different words on them I just I love them for this application it's really simple you just tie them with the bow okay back to what we were doing we're gonna start with this one here so I'm going to clear the other supplies out of my way and have all the needed ingredients to make this box so the basic big thing you need is the vintage big kick and an embossing folder so this is not an inexpensive machine so I'm not saying go out buy this machine just to decorate a few craft boxes for the holidays but if you have this machine already this is a really great additional use for it or if you are selling your handmade jewelry and want to have a really unique box that no one else has then you might want to consider purchasing this so to bear that in mind so we are gonna need the big kick we are going to need the solo shim already on the platform we've got our two embossing platforms here you can see they've already been used they are great to use again doesn't matter when they get all those scratches on them that's totally fine and we're going to need the embossing folder and there's a bunch of designs to choose from I'm using the Moroccan fresco embossing folder design by band now what I'm using for the paper in this instance is actually label paper and this is label paper that already has labels sizes on here that are three by three inches which is really perfect for this but you can really use whatever size label paper you want to put through this so it doesn't have to be this it's just it is easier if it is so I'm going to do a rough cut around one of the labels I don't know if you can see it on camera but there's a score line right there so I'm just cutting about a sixteenth or an eighth of an inch from the edge of the label okay so now I'm going to go ahead and I'm gonna put it in my embossing folder like so and I can see it through the folder which is nice and then I'm gonna sandwich it between these two plates and then I'm going to stand up to do this so we're just gonna run it through the big kick machine the same way we would if you we were using an etching or embossing guy and blanks so you hold the top of the machine you push the plates in and you just crank the handle and it doesn't take much strength at all okay so it comes out the other side now we are done with that so I'm gonna move it aside and when you pull this out let me show you what you have you have your label which is now embossed and I think it actually looks really cool just white as well but I'm going to show you how to add a little color to it and I'm going to do that using stays on ink which you a given might have it round for some of your other jewelry projects now I'm using jet black but you can use whatever color you want it comes in a variety of colors and we're gonna take a just sheet of scrap paper put it down on our table take the ink and we're going to put on a glove open up our ink and dip our finger in it now I know this ink pads are running a little low on ink and I've got a little bit more ink around the edges so I'm going to go and have them dip my finger around the edges and then I'm just going to rub it on top of that pattern you can do it as little or as much as you want I actually love seeing this pattern emerge I think it's super fun so this does not take that long to dry I would recommend something aside for about 15 minutes or so and then we'll be ready to a fix it to the box all right this is now try so we're gonna take our box and what we want to do is we want to carefully peel the label off of the backing and I see carefully because you'll notice that the actual process of running through the big kick and embossing it does weaken the integrity of the paper a bit so this can be tricky so just go very slowly and because we've gone ahead and we've colored it if a little rip appears here and there is not going to really matter as long as we get the whole piece off of the backing which proves too challenging from one end go from the other end flip it over and now we're going to Center it on the top of our lid lower it carefully and press it into place so there we have our decorated box top and all we'll need to do now is add a tag to it and our silk fairy ribbon so I'm not gonna do that in the video here but it's basically just tying a bow around your package and then you add the little charm so you pick whichever saying you want then you're ready to go with your very pretty little gift box so now I'm going to show you another way of decorating a gift box that does not require the big kick it's really simple and that is this one here you see that we've really gone ahead and we've tried to match the ribbon to this style here so this has more of an organic natural feel so we use some hemp but same exact thing where we just tied it around the box and added the little charm so for this one we're going to be using this collage art book and this is really fun we've used it a lot in the design space you can see it's really cut up but there's a lot of different papers to choose from so I'm just going to choose a sheet just actually cut this guy out and you just want it to be bigger then the Fox and the sides here so you can just kind of eyeball it so for this one we're going to be using some glue now I'm going to be using Mod Podge matte I like the matte because if my finger accidentally touches the top surface as I'm working it doesn't leave a shiny glossy mark but you can also use a glue stick that's a really good option as well for this project again some scrap paper and I'm just going to put some down on the paper and I'm going to coat the entire top of my box with Mod Podge and I'm just using my fingers you can just wash this off when you're done you want to go pretty fast because Mod Podge dries really fast you just want to make sure you get to all the edges of that top of the box and you don't want it to be too thick either that's why Mod Podge is a really good option for this then just go ahead put the paper on top of the box and then make sure you press it into place because we used a really thin layer it should not seep through and it shouldn't create those warped ripples like you'll get sometimes when you use glue in conjunction with paper now keep pressing into place keep doing that and then just let it dry for just a couple minutes before you go on to the next step the next step is not going to really affect its drying process and it really shouldn't move around the paper too much either so just to give it a couple of minutes before you go on to the next step now that the top is pretty dry snot totally dry but it's good enough to work with we're gonna fold down the edges so we're gonna do that first on all the sides so just fold down the edges so you create a little crease where the corners are you're going to do that on all four sides you're basically just wrapping a gift at this point so we want to do is go ahead and create a corner so fold down the edge so it's right up against it and fold down this edge and then fold in that corner and score it with your fingernail okay I'm gonna do the same over here make the corner and make sure that's nice and flat and score it with your fingernail and then turn it around and do that on the opposite side as well I'm gonna go we got nice sharp corners this is what the underside now looks like on the two sides that do not have the corners fold it in we're gonna glue those guys first so again we're just going to take some glue put it on our craft box make sure we don't put too much glue but make sure it is covered and press into place and just keep pressing and I'm grabbing it on both sides and just pressing it into place now if you are using a glue stick for this project it will dry equally as fast as the Mod Podge which is really nice okay so do the other side as well and I'm just paying attention to which finger I used for the glue so I don't accidentally touch the top surface of my box and then you probably see me just wipe it on on the paper you don't want to use your fingers go ahead use a paintbrush maybe even a disposable paintbrush so you don't have to worry about washing it or a toothpick something like that I think I grew up using my fingers and with glue and so it feels very natural but I know that's not everybody's personal preference so we've got the two sides here glued now we want to glue this side we're going to go ahead do the same and then the other side of the stall I like the collage paper for this particular project one just the visual look of it but it's also a little bit heavier than if you were to just print images from your home printer on just like printer paper regular stock so it's kind of nice got a little bit more weight to it which also helps when you're gluing it all right so now we need to fold down those corners and in this case I'm going to bring over a little applicators a little scrap eye pin that got a little bent so I'm going to pour a little bit more glue down on my work surface and then put it on the inside of this corner I'm going to fold it down into place and just hold that there for a couple seconds and then pressing it on both sides okay so do that on the other corner as well let's go the other side now I haven't really felt a need to put glue on the interior of that corner if it does pop up at all though you can definitely just stick you know a little glue on the inside here I've done several of these and that really hasn't been an issue thus far so now in this case I do want to actually let this really dry before I trim it so I'm gonna wait about 15 minutes or so 15 20 minutes so now we're going to go ahead and we're going to trim out our box lid and to do that we're just going to take our scissors and cut into it and we're just going to cut right up to the edge and can be a little hard to start this if you tomato in which you don't have a jagged edge we're just gonna cut around the edge if you have an exacto blade and you're comfortable using one this is a really good application for that as well so we're just cutting through our papers I apologize if this is a little hard to see on camera I'm right-handed so I know it's going to be facing away from where we want to see it on the camera and then go back and make sure to have any rough edges I'm using a craft scissor here which is probably not the best is there to be doing this one but you don't want to check make sure you just don't have any really rough edges and I'm actually pressing my edge down against the edge of the box it's not really folding it over but it's just creating a nice neat line from the sharp paper cut there we go our box lid is finished and we can just stick it right on to the box and then you'll pick a tag that you want to go with it whatever it might be and again I just had this one with him so you could be whatever of course you want to do in terms of the ribbon it's actually kind of fun use it you have scrap cords around your house around your jewelry supply area maybe from kumihimo or a macrame kind of awkward length you could always use those for your gift boxes so here we go here's our boxes really actually very easy to do in a nice way to create a additional just finishing touch for your jewelry if you're giving away handmade jewelry as gifts or selling it you can find the boxes you can find the big kick you can find the collage artwork these Tim Holtz tokens ribbons and other supplies for this project as well as others at you

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