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Hi, this is Julie with and fun kind of an all occasion going out necklace so I have a bust here that I'm going to put it on at the end when I move it aside for right now and in front of me I have all the supplies and I'm going to be doing some of the actual designing while here on video and kind of talk you through it to give you an idea of how you might take this technique and create a similar project maybe even using different supplies so I'll give you some design tips as we go but first off I have three different links of this really pretty Czech glass link chain so Czech glass faceted beads and they're all linked together already the chain comes like this and I've got three different sizes so the largest size is 12 millimeters followed by 10 millimeters followed by eight millimeters so three different sizes here all a foot each and I'm not going to be using a full foot of each but I'm going to start with a foot to show you how we're going to cut this and measure it properly to get a draped swag appearance happening and then I have another chain right here is a really pretty gunmetal chain and I do have a foot of it then I've got two 12 millimeter Swarovski crystal Rivoli's and I've got these great strand reducer Rivoli settings by tiara cast in a black finish that we're going to put those in I've got some jump rings and I have a clasp it's a toggle clasp and then some e6000 glue now in terms of the tools we've got a ruler a pair of cutters and two pairs of chain nose pliers so let's begin and like I mentioned I'm gonna be doing some of the design work here on camera instead of pre cutting everything ahead of time so what I want to do is I want to do basically a multi strand necklace with three strands of this really pretty Czech glass chain and I want them to drape like so so I'm going to line these up so I want the biggest one at the base and then I want it to go in towards having the smallest one up top and you see what's happening here is we're going to need to cut this chain because we want it to lay properly when we put it on the bust at the end which will mimic how we have it on our chest so what I'm going to do is I'm going to line up and pretend that this is right here well not pretend to actually have it right there so that's what I'm going to be connecting it to with jump rings here in a little bit so I'm going to line up this and we'll just pull it aside there we go and I can see I need to remove two of these links let me do the same thing with the eight millimeter line this one up so you might want to do a project using a different type of link chain you would follow the same technique to figure out how much you need there we go so really pretty swagged appearance and a beautiful part of the link chains we're actually not going to cut it we're going to separate out the links so if we ever want to go back and add them back in we can do so so I want to remove two of the ten millimeter and I want to remove four of the eight millimeter so to do so I'm just going to lift it up open up the link the same way you would open a jump ring slip off the links I don't want and just close that link back up really easy and now I've got these that I could use to make a pair of earrings or whatever else now for this one I want to remove four of them slide those guys off and close them back up I'm gonna set these guys aside and now what I'm going to do is I want to attach these to my settings so I'm going to take these jump rings right here and I'm going to open one of them up so if you're not familiar with how to open up a jump ring you take two pairs of chain nose pliers and actually I brought this white paper here because it might be a little easier to see instead of on the gray and you just grab them on either side of the opening and you twist open now we're just going to go ahead and link it to the end link of our chain and then the outside link on our strand reducer and then close that jump ring back up we're going to repeat when you're opening jump rings you want to make sure that the opening the slit is always up top twist open grab my other chain and twist closed grab one more okay so we've got one side connected you can see what that looks like now let's go ahead and connect the other side like I mentioned I did not pre-cut these I want to do the designing here on camera because I am actually not 100% sure that I'm not going to want to add some of these links back in so if I do I wanted you to see the process but let's give it a try opening that jump ring and you'll just want to make sure that your strand reducer connector is facing forward and that you're connecting the chain links to the appropriate loops always helps I think to lay it out on a table as you're going so let's bring this bust back in this is what we've got so far and I quite like that I think that works really well so I'm going to lay it down and I do want to show you how much we ended up removing from each of the respective chain links so for the 12 millimeter one we used all 12 inches for the 10 millimeter we used 11 inches because we cut off an inch and then for the 8 millimeter we removed 2 inches so we use 10 inches and we will have a full project right up for this with all of the supplies listed on so now what I want to do is I want to use this other chain to be able to connect these 2 strand reducers to the clasp and add some more length to this necklace so this is 12 inches of chain I'm just going to cut it in half in a really easy way to do that is just fold in half find the midway point whatever link that may be and just cut it right there some links you can open like jump rings and others you actually need to cut this one here we needed to cut okay so to connect that to our tierracast finding right here we're just going to open another jump ring link it to the end chain link and then link it to that top loop on that finding close the jump ring do the same on the other side and now we're going to connect our clasp so we have a toggle clasp and we're just going to use a jump ring on each side of the chain to connect each half of the clasp this is a really quick and easy project but you end up with a very nice statement piece of jewelry when you're done with it so we've got the glass attached now if you're not familiar with the white paper so you can see it a little bit better so you just go ahead and put the toggle bar through the ring and pull it and then it links so let's put this on our bust and this is actually a wee bit long for this particular bust there we go so this would hang too low but basically that's how it would look on your necklace and of course I haven't added the Rivoli x' yet and do that last and I'm doing it last because it requires glue and when you're doing a video like this I didn't want to have to stop and wait for that glue to dry but you could go ahead and glue those first let me undo my toggle lay this down now I've got some e6000 glue and I'm just going to put a little bit in the center of this finding and then I'm going to drop in the Rivoli and then I'm going to repeat on the other side and does not take a lot of glue just drop him in and our necklace is now complete and I'm going to be very careful and hold this up again on that black bust just so you see what the finished piece looks like you still want to hold up for too long because he's doing you to dry and they need to dry laying flat and upright but let me just show you real quick this forward so I think that's a very pretty piece of festive either holiday jewelry hearty jewelry whatever you might want to wear it for you can find all the supplies and other projects like this at you

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