How to Make a Pair of Earrings with TierraCast Bezels for Austrian Crystal Fancy Stones

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see how to make quick and easy earrings using TierraCast Bezels for Austrian crystal Fancy Stones. Choose your metal, choose your shape then coordinate your favorite colors of Austrian crystals.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with - my earring design here I want to show you the different bezels and the sizes of crystals that fit each one so let me draw your attention up here now these are the 10 millimeter cushion stones they're so sweet they're like little rounded squares and these fit into our little cushion bezels here so you can see that we have pendants and links and I made a little quick earring here just by combining two of those beautiful opal colors and then I used this Beryl tierracast bead that also has that nice little hammered look on the outside edge there so on the back you can see maybe a little bit more of that hammering and it has a little slightly pointed back because it nicely fits the back of that stone so some of those beautiful colors here I just brought out a selection just to tempt you with we have some beautiful classics like this is that crystal golden shadow we also do have crystal and then like I was saying I used some opal colors so I have a couple of the opals here as well so I have a nice beautiful white opal and the air blue opal so lots to choose from there so you can use any type of type of finish here we have the silver the gold and the antique brass so go ahead and choose your favorite one with your cushion stone all right so that's one of the settings you can choose we also have this teardrop setting over here and it has a nice little sort of beaded edge now you'll notice on the back it's got that kind of itching to it which I actually think is really nice because if you're gonna wear this as a pair of earrings you're going to want a nice little sort of 360 design so there's something going on on the back there so this one actually fits a 14 by 10 pair and I have a little emerald one out here just to show you so very simply it just sort of fits perfectly right into that bezel and you get a nice flush kind of style there which really makes it look like this is a lovely finished piece so that's one option there for the teardrops and before I go on to my other teardrop I just want to show you that I do have some Rivoli settings up here as well I have some links and then some beautiful little pendants again we have that nice hammered look so if you wanted to combine this with let's say one of the cushion stone ones it has that same hammering to it so you can combine these in designs and they look lovely together so just a little extra tip for you but these fit that 12 millimeter Rivoli stone just like so and they're nice and again flush and beautiful alright so the last little round stone I have here is this fits ace SS 39 sheet on so the sheet on has a nice little pointed back there and this just fits really sweetly into one of those little bezels just the same so a nice little extra decorative element and it's just really nice and tiny so this is wonderful to again add to some of those links or even to the end of a bracelet or a necklace so nice little sweet one there alright so the last one I have and this is the pair of earrings I'm going to construct here this is the size 18 by 13 pair and this is really nice I like this setting because it doesn't have any extra embellishment on it it's actually not even hammered it just has a little bit of that edging on the back like the other one but there's nothing else to it so it's really a great way to showcase that stone and because you get a nice big pear shape there it's just gonna be really beautiful all right so I'm gonna start off here and set my stone just pop it out there using some e6000 and I have just a little pad here and a couple of toothpicks and that's gonna help me with setting my stone so I'm gonna open up my e6000 here and I'm just gonna get a little bit on my paper close up my glue I don't want that to dry out and now I'm just gonna take a toothpick and just kind of grab a good size little blob there there we go just on the end of my toothpick and I want to get it into the bottom well there without getting it all the way up the walls so I just really wanted to get as deep in there as possible so that when I put the stone in there the glue doesn't kind of squish out the top that's sort of what you're what you're after here all right there we go and now I'm just gonna take my stone and I'm gonna go ahead and set it in there Center it and just press down firmly again making sure that none of that glue is coming out there there we go all right so that's how easy it is to set the stone I'm going to set that aside there move my glue out of the way and then the other tools that we're gonna need we're gonna need a pair of chain nose pliers a pair of round nose pliers and a pair of flush cutters just to complete my little design here so while this guy is drying let's go ahead and take our eye pin here now I'm using a 21 gauge one and a half inch eye pin and I'm gonna slide on one of my little bicone crystals there that's a four millimeter Swarovski crystal I have these cute little Lotus beads so I'm gonna slide one of those out these are also from tierracast and then I am going to slide on one more of my bicones and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take my round nose pliers and I'm gonna come in because I want to make a nice little simple wire loop and I want it to be tight so right up against that crystal there I'm just gonna bend it back wrap my wire up and over the top move my wire I was excuse me move my plier and then move the wire across to complete that little loop there and then I'm just gonna come in with my flush cutters and snip off that excess wire and we can go ahead and set that aside alright so now to this top loop here because I want my flower to be facing up I'm just gonna come in with my chain nose pliers and give it a little gentle twist just to open that up and then I'm gonna slip on my Lotus earring post now again this is also tierracast that's why they match so well so I have my little design happening here and I'm gonna go ahead and finish this earring I do recommend that you wait at least 24 hours before wearing these earrings we just want to make sure that that a6000 has a nice little bond so again just turning that open and then slipping it on and then closing that right up so there is our earring and I chose this color design it kind of looks like a little pineapple to me so I thought was just very fun and very tropical but you can also see that I've done a different color way up here so this one is really easy to personalize you can also use a different bezel pendant down here if you wanted to keep it simpler you could use a nice little small one there or of course we have our cushion and let's see our last little bezel there so lots of options here when you are choosing how to finish this very simple design so you can just choose your favorite colors choose your favorite beads and make a great pair of earrings using the tierracast bezels for Swarovski crystals I hope you enjoyed this video be sure to head over to to shop all that you've seen here and if 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