Quick, Easy & Elegant Wedding Jewelry: Sparkling Dangle Earrings featuring Austrian Crystals

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video tutorial you will learn how to quickly and easily make a pair of sparkling dangle earrings featuring Austrian crystals. These earrings would be an excellent choice for either bridesmaids or even the bride herself. They are simple, elegant, and classic in design. They can also be made in a wide variety of colors to match an individuals wedding colors and can be created in sterling silver or gold filled. Highly customizable, their length can easily be made longer or shorter. Everything shown in the video is available for sale at Beadaholique.com

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com i'm going to hold this guy up right here and this is just a really classic pair of earrings it's got a lot of sparkle Ostrovsky crystal and here we have one that is with the sterling silver findings and then this one here is with gold filled and this is the crystal golden shadow color and you see that these are a nice tasteful length you can easily make them shorter or longer so they could be for the bride they could be for the bridesmaids a lot of different options here and this these crystals also come in a lot different colors you also could coordinate to your wedding colors now what you're going to need to make these are the crystals now they're also röszke crystals we have a classic cut pendant and this is the 10 millimeter size you're going to need two sizes of bicones so for each earring you're going to need two four millimeter bicones and one five millimeter bicone you're going to need some eye pins again this is sterling silver and an earring hook and I chose this pretty tapered one here that I thought looked nice pretty simple tools you're going to need a either a round nose plier which a lot of people have or I'm going to be using a wire looping plier if you've seen our other videos at beautifully on your tube you know that I love my wire looping pliers you can see how easy they are to use if you're making a ton of these if you have a big wedding party this might be something you want to pick up then a pair of chain nose pliers and just a pair of cutters as well let me show you how easy this is to put together so what we're going to be doing first is we are going to be putting on to this eye pin one of our 4 millimeter bicones so we're just going to pick it up and put it in here now what I want to do is I don't want to have to add jump rings to the ingredient list for this particular project so I'm just going to make a loop on this side that's big enough to go right into the hole of that that that saves me a whole other ingredient so the way you do that is normally you would try to make your other loop similar in size to the first loop I'm not going to do this in case in this case I'm going to make it larger and to do that I'm just gonna go down the nose of the plier a little bit and this would also work if you're using just a regular pair of round nose pliers but because this is a tapered nose and it does get wider the further down it goes towards the handle you can make bigger loops so we're just gonna make a little bit bigger loop than what we would normally do rotate our plier up to the top and crossover till your wires crisscross and now you can see our two loop sizes and where that wire does crisscross you're just going to trim it and now we're going to open up that loop by twisting it open and we're gonna slide on our classic Tut pendant and it has that nice convenient hole at the top and then we just close it shut so now that guy is actually attached now we're gonna take another eye pin put on the 5 millimeter bi bead and now this time we do want to make that loop a similar to the bottom one as possible just so it looks nice and uniform so we're going to do that up towards the end of the nose of the plier again we're Criss crosses we're just going to trim and one more so the last one we're going to be doing is the four millimeter bicone same process and trip so now what we want to do is we want to connect our pieces together and we're gonna do that with our chain nose plier so we're gonna go ahead and open up one of these loops and slip on the loop we've already made and attached with our other crystals because I've made this project before and I know a little trick here I'm gonna share with you so when you're making a pair of earrings you always want your focal to face forward and the way you get to face forward is actually the orientation of your loops so this here is gonna face forward when it's worn and its fate gonna face forward because what we're gonna do is on this last little guy we're actually gonna pull in a second pair of chain nose pliers and we're gonna twist one of the loops so you see here explain this properly you see here how they're both facing the same direction well we don't want that in this case we want one going in one direction and the other going in the other direction so we're just gonna grab it holding one in place and twist and now we have loops that are properly oriented and when we attach this all together you're gonna see how that's going to allow that front of that pendant to face forward okay so now we want to find the front of the pendant which is right there I'm gonna open this loop slide on our earring hook close up the loop and now we are ready to wear I'm very pretty and very sparkly earring as you see what the pair looks like so this project is not hard to do is actually really easy to do multiples of these and you can see it came together pretty quickly and like I mentioned before these are Swarovski crystals they do come in a lot of different colors so you can really match to your wedding party if you enjoyed this video please do check out our other videos not only in this series but also at beadaholique.com where you'll find a lot of other bridal jewelry videos as well as special occasion jewelry videos you go so check them out at YouTube and everything you see here is for sale at beadaholique.com

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