Quick, Easy & Elegant Wedding Jewelry: Sterling Silver Love Necklace

SKU VID-1623
Designer: Julie Bean
In this video you will learn how to quickly and easily make a delicate necklace featuring the word 'love' hanging from a sterling silver chain. Perfect for brides, bridesmaids, and even flower girls, this timeless necklace can be worn with anything.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com and super easy so these are your little necklaces that you can make that are really symbolic of love so this might be good for even your flower girls or or your bridesmaids perhaps or even the bride so we've got some hearts and then we have a Claddagh and then we have a little love scrolled outward and so these are just fun they're very petite they're very delicate they'll of course go with everything and they're all sterling silver so they're nice pieces that someone can wear time and again so what you're going to need to make a necklace such as this is a necklace and I've only pulled out three styles of chain this is a 16 inch chain here's a to 18 inch chains there's a lot more available at beadaholique.com that you can go check out and then I have different sizes of hearts you see this wonderful little guy right here and these come with jump rings which is great so you don't have to actually purchase another jump ring and then this little one right here which is the word I thought I'd put together this necklace because it's a little bit a little bit more work it's not just opening a jump ring so I'll show you a trick on how to quickly and easy me easily make a necklace with that and then I've got some little 3 millimeter sterling jump rings as well so the tools you're going to need now if you're just hanging a charm on a necklace you're just going to need two pairs of chain nose pliers because you need one to grip each side of that jump ring to open and close it now if you want to do this little love necklace you're gonna do it the way that I'm going to show you using a premade chain you're also just going to need a cutter so I'm going to take this necklace right here and here's a little trick so if you want to use a premade necklace to hold something like this that has two loops on it you just find the midway point so right here you pick it up and you cut it so you just cut through one of the links so now you still have your clasp but now you've got two open ends and so what we're gonna do is we're gonna go ahead and now and grab our chain nose pliers now pick up a jump ring and there's a little opening these are open jump rings there's a little slit and you want that up top you're gonna grip the jump ring on either side of that slit and twist it open I'm gonna take one end of your chain that you just freshly cut and look for that end chain link and you're gonna slip your jump ring through it now you're also gonna slip on one of the little loops from that little link close it back up nice and tight this is what we have so far okay we're gonna do the same thing on the other side so we're gonna again grab a jump ring find that little opening you want that right up top twist it open now in this case I'm going to put the little link on there first can be a little tricky just to isolate that one little chain link through it there we go close it on up good and tight and there's just that gentle twisting motion but this is now what we have and this really is a necklace that you can wear time and again not just for a wedding which is always nice if you're thinking of your bridesmaids you want them to be able to reuse whatever it is whether it's their dress or their jewelry it's also a really nice gift item too so that's something fun to think about so that's how you would do it if you've got the two loops of course if you just have a single loop all you would need to do is open and close jump ring that comes with it and slip it on so that's really easy to do as well if you enjoyed this video please do check out our other ones in this series we do have projects showing beautiful sparkling earrings Swarovski crystals a whole bunch of fun things that you can make for your wedding that just add that extra special touch especially if you do want to have a bit of a DIY handmade wedding it's always fun to be able to create your own jewelry everything you see here is available at beadaholique.com along with those other videos I just mentioned

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