How to Add Beaded Fringe to Brick Stitch Bead Weaving

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to add fringe using Miyuki Delica seed beads to a piece of brick stitch bead weaving. You will also learn some helpful tips for modifying this type of design to create your own beaded fringe earrings.
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hi this is kat with and peace so as you can see I have a finished example on my table here so this is a beautiful little fringe here that we're gonna create and I'm gonna actually talk to you a little bit about the pattern and how I achieved that in just a moment here but the brick stitch is this little diamond up here at the top so you can see over here this is what it's gonna wear we're gonna start with so this is what your finished brick stitch piece could look like and then we're gonna add that fringe to the bottom so brick stitch works really well by using the Miyuki 11o delicas you can also use the ten o's but there's something really elegant about the way the delicous sit you can of course use other seed beads but the miyuki delicas are definitely my favorite choice alright so i'm going to be using some thread here and this is Naimah in the size D and this comes in a lot of different colors so you can use it to just coordinate with whichever color of beads you're working with and then I am going to show you how to attach a little jump ring and an earring hook when I'm all finished here but let's go ahead and I want to draw your attention over here can I get that out of the way and I've printed out the free pattern that you can get at so this is what the pattern looks like now like I said this is all the brick stitch up here at the top and if you've done brick stitch before you know that this is it needs a decrease so it doesn't sort of net it naturally wants to go side to side so this is a decrease and we have videos showing you exactly how to do this so I'm not going to do that in this video here but just as a tip I would always start at the widest point and do your decrease going up leave a nice long tail because then what can happen is you can then do your decrease going down and use that really long tail to help you get those long little fringes there so it actually allows you to not have to tie off an add new thread you can absolutely do that or if you find that you haven't had enough thread you can do that as well but this is a way to have a really nice long tail I'd say give it a few feet on the end and then a few feet towards the top there so you can complete the top and then work your way down without having to add thread so it's just a little tip all right so looking at our little piece here let me kind of bring it next to my pattern it's a little different size there but once you come to the end here you're gonna have your thread sticking out one of the ends now this is a pattern that is the same on both sides so you can just kind of work with whichever side or if you're right-handed or left-handed it really doesn't matter so what you were gonna do is we're gonna come down and we're gonna add them as though this is a loom piece but we're gonna be treating it as though it's fringe so we're gonna work from the top to the bottom all right so let me show you how that looks and like I said I'm right-handed so I like to hold it in my left hand and kind of keep this going down one side there so all I need to do is follow my pattern now this particular pattern is gonna sort of match some of the colors that are happening there so I'm just going to be referring to my pattern here and pick up one let's see one two three four five six six of the white or the cream rather two three four five and six and just kind of checking because I want to make sure two of the bronzy brown beads here two of the cream two of that reddish pink there just slide that down four of the cream three and now I'm gonna pick up five of the brown three four and five and now I'm gonna pick up three of the pink alright so that is my whole pattern there so I'm just gonna bring that down and let it sit just like now you'll notice that my Nemo is actually really stretched out and that's kind of how I want it to be let me show you the difference here so let's say I take it off my coil here and look at how coiled up that is that might not help your fringe sit really nicely so what you can do is as you take it off the coil just kind of run it through your hands and give it a little tug this will help kind of stretch out that Nemo because it is nylon cord it's very thin but you can already see just running my hand over it once or twice kind of giving it a little tug lets it sit a little straighter and this will help your fringe in the end I just wanted to share that extra little tip for you in case you're having trouble getting your fringe to lay lay the way you want it to all right so I've done a fun little edge with my particular fringe here so what we're gonna do is we're gonna kind of scooch down those last three beads there and I'm gonna not go in usually you'll skip over that first one and go into the rest of them but I'm gonna skip over all three and I'm gonna go into the first bronze bead there and I'm just gonna run my needle all the way up to the top if you have to kind of come out and go back that's fine too make sure you catch all those beads there but we want our needle to come up through that first bead in that brick stitch so you see how it's come through the fringe and now I'm coming up through that little ivory bead there that cream bead so now I'm gonna pull this all the way through and this is where you can kind of just adjust it a little bit and I'm just pulling that all together and is tight and then these three little beads will sort of sit in a little trio down there at the bottom so I'll kind of turn that around for you so you can see that so here's again where tension is important if you pull it too tight it's not going to be fringing you see how stiff that kind of makes it and it's all kind of wonky so let it relax just a little bit on the table you'll be able to kind of see not too much but just the right amount and then very simply you take your thread here and you're gonna create a thread bridge and you're gonna go down through whatever that next speed is and in this case it's one of those little bronze beads right there so let me pick that up to show you and what this is gonna do is it's gonna create a little tiny thread bridge that's going to pop right into our design now you might need to give it a little tug to get it to go but before you begin your fringe see what happened that already tightened up a little bit so just give it a little wiggle and kind of let make sure that that kind of stays just a little loose and I would pick it up so you can make sure that it's not too loose but just enough so it has that nice fringe happening there and then you just continue by reading the next row down and then once you get all the way to the other side there you're just gonna tie off and weave in your little tail but that's how easy it is to add beaded fringe to brick stitch all right now once you're done with all of that let's go ahead let's go ahead and add a jump ring so I have a couple pairs of chain nose pliers here now the jump rings that work really well with this are going to be the 22 gauge so you can do a 4 millimeter or a 5 millimeter this one in particular is a 4 so I'm just gonna open that up give it a little twist and because I have my little side beat at the top I can just slide that through there and slide on my earring hook just like so and close that up there you go and now your earring is all set to go so here again you can see that finished piece and you can see how that pattern continues from the top to the bottom they're just in that lovely little fringe you have those little trio of beads there to give a little extra movement so I encourage you to make your own patterns using our free pattern template over at and you can find that just by searching for brick stitch thanks so much for joining me if you guys enjoyed our videos be sure to hit that subscribe button and that notification bell to get the latest from beadaholique

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