How to Make a Paddle Head Pin

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Designer: Julie Bean
Learn how to make a paddle head pin for your jewelry projects. A paddle head pin has a flattened head that will stop the beads from sliding off and can be used as a decorative element as well as a functional design component.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and what's nice is it's very easy to turn paddle head pins into great little components for your jewelry pieces as you see here in this finished pair of earrings we have the little paddle head pins and the beads just sit right down on them I was able to make a simple wire loop and then connect it to some chain to make a pair of earrings so I'm going to make a paddle head pin using some sterling wire and also some plated wire and just talk to you a little bit about the differences let me start with the sterling wire so you're going to go ahead and you're going to cut whatever length you want which is really a nice advantage of working with just some bulk wire so you can make it a 1 inch a 2 inch a 3 inch whatever you need I just cut a little piece off now make sure you have a nice clean cut at the base where you're going to be using your hammer so you don't want it to necessarily be angled like this you want a nice straight cut across and you're going to need a bench block and a hammer I'm using a chasing hammer it's one of my very favorite hammers play the piece of wire down on your bench block and try to make it as straight as possible and then you're just going to begin hammering lightly the base of the piece of wire the tip of it and then increase your pressure and you can see is starting to flatten out and the more you hammer the more flat it becomes and now what's nice is we could just leave it like this so we do have that nice sleek paddle shape or you can even walk your hammer up a little bit further so have it resting again we're going to hammer a little bit more along the length of the wire so you have an even longer paddle so it's just a different look you can really do whatever you want now that was with sterling wire which is very easy to work with and what's nice about it is you don't have to worry about a different color core so that is a wonderful aspect of working with a solid metal wire such as sterling over here I have a plated wire this is a rose gold plate and this one you don't have to worry too much about the core as well but it does have a little bit of a different color core which I know is not going to show up here on camera but I'm going to show you just as easy to hammer a plated wire but what I do notice is it looks a little bit more dull when you do it so if you look at this one super shiny and when you hammer a plated wire it does look a little duller because you're hammering that plate now it didn't happen in this case but it could happen if you hammer a lot you could start to see a different color which is the core come through so just something to keep in mind so now let me just show you a quick comparison between the 22 gauge rose gold colored wire and the 20 gauge silver so you're gonna see a slight difference there and it is interesting that the artistic wire here did make a really nice more rounded shape of the paddle head pin sometimes that just happens some wires act a little bit differently when you are creating the paddles but it's a really nice easy way of making a very unique opponent to add to your jewelry pieces you can find other tutorials using wire for jewelry making at you

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