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Hi, this is Julie with of these are very casual and fun which I think mimics the casual fun appearance of the sea glass as well you see how these are all a little bit different so you're gonna need some artistic wire or any type of wire actually I'm using 22 gauge I'm gonna need some of the culture to see glass beads a pair of cutters chain nose pliers and a wire looping plier and I've pre-cut myself six inches of the wire so let me show you how to do this you're going to start by grabbing the wire about an inch from one end and you're just going to grab it between the two noses of your pliers and squeeze and that actually creates a half a loop for you gonna Bend that wire over rotate your pliers up and complete your loop so this is what we have so far and as you're still grabbing it and squeezing you're just going to take that wire and wrap it around really just one good full wrap and trim off the excess after you've got your loop and you've trimmed it go ahead straighten out your wire with your fingers and place your bead onto it slide the bead down to the loop you've already created and then gripping the wire right where it comes out of the bead go ahead squeeze your pliers and we're making another loop rotate those pliers up to the top and pull and as you're still holding it wrap that wire around a couple times let go with the plier so that would actually look quite nice if you just wanted to keep it like that you could trim it and just see the whole bead here without any wire across it I do want to make that spiral so I'm just going to press the wire against the bead and wrap it around like so and then bring it up to that loop right that we've already done right at the base of it so I'm actually going to be doing I like really a top layer of wraps over those initial wraps that I did and this wire is really nice and flexible and if you want you can even go ahead and grab that loop again to give you yourself something to hold on to pull that wire around and then once you've done that least a good wrap and a half two wraps you're gonna want to trim your wire so just go back trim it and then take your chain nose pliers and press that rough end into your wrappings and there you have a nice little spiral around your bead so you want to show you an example of how you might use these so I've connected seven of them together here just with a little four millimeter jump rings and then up top to add a little more color I've used a Swarovski yellow opal round bead and then just some chain and this is two feet of chain so this makes a very nice long necklace and we don't need a clasp so this is one idea of how you might combine sea glass and wire you can find other ideas as well as all the supplies used in this project at you

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