How to Write with Artistic Wire

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Designer: Julie Bean
Learn how to write with wire using Artistic Wire's wire writing system - a complete wire writing kit. In the video see how to load the wire writing pen, set up the pegs, and actually write out a word. Tips also given for flattening the wire once you are done writing.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with - you've got 98 pigs to help you spell out your letters and your numbers and you've got four jigs to allow you to write really long words so I've got this collection here opened up and laid out on my table so here are what the jigs look like and you get four of them and they snap together so if you look at the jig itself each little quadrant here is the space of a letter so you'll do one letter here one letter here one letter here and that's going to allow you to have really nice consistent evenly spaced letters and you can make the jig up to four long which is really nice which will give you 16 characters now this one I've actually already loaded with the word hope that might not look like it spells hope but it does and I'm going to show you how to do that in just a minute you do get six spools of wire three gold and three silver you get all of these pegs and let me open this up for you and you'll see that a lot of them are different shaped and some of them which is really great even have the little letter or number on it like this is the capital letter S and here is the number eight it can be a little hard to see you'll make more sense in just a minute and then we've got the pen which I have loaded with the wire so I do want to show you that when you turn this over what's really nice is it gives you a guide on how to position the pegs on your jig so that you can either spell out a capital letter or a lowercase or a number so we've got one two three four five six seven eight nine and zero and of course we've got a through Z capitalized A through Z lowercase so a lot of different choices also shows you how to load your wire which I'm going to right here so I think the easiest way to really show you how to use this is to just do it so I have already opened one up but when I open it I was really careful not to rip the back because you definitely need your guide I'm going to put this other one away and I'm going to show you as if I was just starting out here so I'm going to take the little stopper off of my pen and I'm going to pull my wire out so I've got the spool of wire right here on the pen and that little stopper so there is a slit in the pen right here and it goes down to a tip which is not open so the hole is open but the slit doesn't go all the way through and that's good because that keeps your wire in place so you're going to place your spool onto the little rod here on your pen line this up a little bit so it's not quite as long place the wire down through the slit and then you want the tip of that wire go in the little hole and out the end of the pen now make sure the rest of your wire is within that little canal and then place your stopper back onto your pen so that it keeps nice tension on your wire and keeps a spool from falling off so you really do need to use spools of wire that fit this pen I'm sure there's probably a workaround that someone could come up with it's really important that that wire spool is secure on there so now I want to show you how you go about spelling out your word so I'm going to spell out hope I'm just going to start with the H and because it's only a four letter word I find it a little easier to just work with one of the jigs so I need to find the H and I want to be lowercase so I'm going to look right here and this is the lowercase H and you see there's a little diagram which represents the first quadrant on your jig so that's right here and various pegs noted so the first peg that I see that I need is this little guy right here now it's the smallest peg that comes in your collection and it's noted as that little circle with a dot inside so I'm going to look and see that's one two three little units up on the jig I'm going to place my peg right there now moving over there's one right next to it so I'm going to place another peg right there so we've got those first two now there's kind of an odd looking one and if you notice here there's actually quite a few different little shaped pegs and what's very helpful on the ones that look pretty similar because you can look in your bin you can look here it's like this one has a big bow on it this one has the number eight and then if I look in here this one actually has the lowercase H written on it which is very helpful and it does look like the picture so I'm going to now place it right there on my jig and now there's one more of the little guys go ahead and place this guy so he's on the last row and I'm going to set him down in and then we've got one more to make our letter H and it's one of these guys right here and so he is right on that third column at the top so that is the letter H and let me really briefly before I move on to show you how to actually write a letter let me just show you some of the various pegs just to give you an idea these big round ones there's various shapes and you'll just be able to identify from the diagram what you actually need and it's nice to have a little case to keep them in so there's the letter H and let me just show you how to write the letter H as is from what I just did with these pegs and then I'm going to show you how to do the full word hope' so on the diagram itself there Oh so a line-drawing and there's little teeny tiny numbers which show you the direction of your wire path so here we go one so it's going under the first pig you follow the little arrow is going up and around that very top pig it's going down again and then you move over and here's number so that was number one two and three move over here's the number four goes up loops around and over and back under that last peg so you'll just need to follow the path that's shown in the diagram so let's go ahead and do that so I'm going to hold my wire and I'm going to go under the first peg I'm going to go up and around that top Pig and then I'm going to go down I'm just following the pattern up and over and down and around and there's my letter H and then what you can do is take a wire cutter now what I like to actually do first before I cut it off is I like to just secure it a little bit more so I press it down not all the way but just enough to make sure my loops are nice and solid I'm just going to trim it off and then when you pull it off you've got the letter H and then you could trim it however you want and you'll notice that is not quite flat so what you can do is you can use your fingers to flatten it like this or what I like to do is take a bench block and a rubber mallet and hammer it down and that flattens it very nicely without dinging or marring the wire so now I want to show you how to go ahead and write an entire word so I pre-loaded the word hope' onto here I'm just going to pull my wire out a little bit more and I will be referring to my chart as I do this because it is helpful especially when you've got quite a few letters here so I remember how to do the H so I'm just going to hold my wire under that first peg pop them around so there's my H now for the O I look right here so I need to go under that first peg on the first column up over those pigs there and loop back around and under so let's see and I actually find the O to be a bit tricky so I'm going to hold the wire right here with my thumb and now I need to go between these two pegs which can be a little challenging so I'm going to allow myself a little bit more wire kind of use my finger to really try to push it in there there we go so it stays now I'm ready to do the P and the P has quite a few loops not a lot of pegs but quite a few loops so you'll just follow the diagram and the pen is really feeding that wire through very nicely so it's just easily coming out the end and we're needed I'm just going to hold the wire especially when I go around a loop okay there's my P and now I need an e so I look here there's my e and of course the more you do this the easier you'll get so there is the word hope and I'm just going to cinch it up a little bit where I can you'd be just push it down and then I'm going to pull it off and again it's not super flat so I am going to first off and trim off that little guy and trim off that now I'm going to hammer it and even once you Hammer it you can still work with it to make it a little bit straighter if you want so now we've reproduced the word hope three times and they look pretty darn similar which is a really nice aspect of this tool is you can reproduce the same script over and over again to have some nice consistency to it so a couple ideas of what you might do with these pieces could be really fun for scrapbooking if you're doing place cards at weddings this would be great you can spell out everybody's name put these on wedding cakes or other cakes as a nice little personalized decoration of course you're not going to eat it it's wire but you could save it it's really fun you could also make some jewelry out of it just note that it is fragile in this current state even being hammered so you're going to need to be really careful if you do jewelry out of it just keep that in mind for sure because it is really flexible but in terms of scrap booking party favors a lot of different home crafts you can do with this it's just a really neat tool and it's actually quite easy to use so I was very happy with the results and how easy it was to figure out and how easy it was to use in the variety of different words and combinations you could come up with you can find this tool here as well as many other wire tools and artistic wire supplies at you

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