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Hello there. This is Andrea for In this video I'm gonna teach you how to make this stamped and dapped pendant. It's a double pendant using two separate stamping blanks. What you need for this is two blanks. I choose a silver plated and a brass. These are pretty inexpensive to start off with. If your brand new at stamping, I highly recommend starting off with inexpensive plated or more inexpensive metals before you move on to sterling silver. A very refined version of this necklace is if you would use two sterling silver stamping. I have a twenty five millimeter and a nineteen millimeter so it would be the same except this would not be a gear it would just be another round then use the liver of sulfer gel to blacken the letters. We're kind of cheating today. We're going to use a permanent marker. So you need the two stampings. Twenty five millimeters and a nineteen millimeters. You're going to need three jump rings, chain, I've got two feet. I'm obviously mixing metals here but like I said once again you can do whatever you can like. You can keep it all the same. You can do all copper, all silver, all brass. It's really up to you. So I have a gun metal chain, two feet of that. I have a copper ball head pin. I've got a bead to go in the center. I'm using a Swarovski pearl but you can use a gemstone to correspond with the kids birthdays. And a clasp if I hadn't mentioned the clasp. Okay you're going to need your standard hand tools. You're gonna need two pairs of chain nose pliers, a pair of flush cutters, a pair of round nose pliers. Now for the tools. This is an interesting part. Today I'm using this to beadsmith letter punch set which is one of the less expensive sets but it is really great. This is the hand-written font and it's all upper case. As you can see it's really easy, user-friendly and alphabetical. Love these. You're going to need a block on which to stamp. A steel black with a rubber base. And you're going to need a dapping kit which I have a wooden one here with the corresponding pegs. I also have heavy one-pound hammer. Too get started we need to stamp some letters. So for the previous necklace I choose my niece and nephew, one of my nieces and one of my nephews. For this necklace I'm going to use two other names and they're another niece and another nephew of a different employee here. So I'm going to stamp Sophie and Logan On the larger one I'm going to do Sophie. What I'm going to do is I'm going to start with the metal letters so that it's at the right place on the blank because I don't want it to be over to the side. I want it to be centered. Sense Sophie has six letters I have to do the the 'P' and the 'H' in the middle. So let's start with the 'P'. You're gonna want, I don't know if you can read, I says Beadsmith two millimeter. You want that facing you and then you know that the letter is going the right direction. I'm going to do just off center of that hole. So slightly to the left. What I'm going to do is I'm going about maybe a millimeter away from the edge and I'm making sure the squared off part is flush as flush as possible with the edge. I don't want it to be like this. I don't want it to be like that. I want it to be lined up. I'm going to take my hammer. Some people like to do the one tap method I like to kind of shift it forward to the side. There's your 'P'. I'm going to do the 'H' right next to that and once again the flat side has to be lined up with the edge. I want the side of this letter almost touching the previous letter. I'm just eyeballing it. There are ways to do a more precise if you don't trust yourself. You can use tape. You can kind of mark it first. We have a great video on had a stamp letters. I'm pretty happy with that. I'm going to set that aside and I'm going to do Logan's name. Now since this doesn't already have a hole at the top of it you can stamp whereever you want and then punch the hole afterward which is what I'm going to do. There you have it. Okay now that I have the stamping of the letters done now I want to blacken them using a permanent marker. You can also use black acrylic paint. This is not the most scientific method but basically what I do is a rub it in and then quickly rub the excess off. It also provides a slightly antique look if you get some that stays on the other parts. Now it's time for the dapping. I'm going to go ahead and do that and there's a video that we have on how to dap rounds and you can go ahead and watch that. It's very influential and then i will be back to you when it's time to put your necklace together. Now that I have my disks dapped I need to punch a hole in the gear one. For that I have a euro punch. It punches a 1.25 millimeter hole and these things are so great. I'm going to find my center which is just above the 'G'. I' going to line it up about a millimeter away from the edge on the inside of the gear. And there you have it. So now I can layer the two and hang it from one of my jump rings. First I want to take my either gemstone or pearl or whatever you choose. Going to thread it on my head pin. I'm going to make a wrapped loop. We have a video on that too just in case. I'm going to open one of my jump rings and going to thread on the larger disk the smaller disk right on top of that and my pearl. I'm going to close it again. I'm going to thread my chain through add my lobster clasp to a jump ring and thread that same jump ring through one end of the chain. Close it up again and add the other jump ring to the other end of the chain. Close that up again. There's your beautiful pendant ready to wear. Remember like I said I've mixed metals here. I've used brass and silver and copper and I've used non precious metals but this would look just stunning in sterling silver with a real gemstone. So play around with the plated stuff first and then once you get to be pretty good at it then you could move on to the sterling and have fun with it. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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