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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com statement piece especially in these bright colors so what's great about it too is you're not going to need a lot of tools you just need two pairs of chain nose pliers and a ruler and then in addition to the chain you're going to need a clasp and I've chosen this one here and I like it because it already comes with two jump rings so you don't have to buy separate jump rings now for the chain we're using this lucite chain which is part of the tropical punch line and it's really nice it's lightweight is vibrant it's really fun so I'm just going to pick a color and I think I want to go with this pink so grab this off the card now when you purchase this you're going to get 15 inches should have brought a scissor but I'm just going to go ahead and do that so this is what it looks like so first off we're going to need to cut the chain to the desired length and the main reason I want to do this project in video form is to show you how to actually separate this chain because there are no breaks and it's not like a jump ring that you can just open so we're actually going to have to break a link and we're going to do that by using the two pairs of chain nose pliers and I definitely would recommend wearing some protective eye gear because we are purposefully breaking plastic in this case so we're going to want to measure out how much we need now our clasp itself is only going to add about three quarters of an inch almost an inch to the length so you not going to look at from end of jump ring to end of jump ring because the links for the chain are going to be part of that so let me show you right here so we're looking at a little over three quarters of an inch so let's do an about eight inch bracelet so I actually want to break the chain that's right here and we're going to do that by going ahead grabbing the link on both sides with your chain nose pliers remember put your eye gear on before you do this and hold it away from you remove these so you can see among this on camera okay so hold it away from you and then just twist it the way you would normally try to open it open jump ring so I'm just going to go ahead and push one forward and pull one pair of pliers back there we go so you can see it did break very easily and we don't have shards of plastic or anything so that's nice it was a pretty clean break let me see which length of chain was the one I wanted there we go so now we're going to add the clasp like I mentioned before this clasp comes with jump rings already attached and we're just going to open them okay so remove and do that to the other side as well so you've got your two open jump rings so one we're going to go ahead and just attached here to the link and just close it back up and do the same on the other side and now we're going to slip on our clasp so go ahead take one end slide it on we're going to do the same on the other end now there we go we have a finished bracelet and what's really nice is because you did get 15 inches of this chain to start with we have enough left over to make a second 8 inch bracelet so you get two 8-inch bracelets out of one length of the lucite chain I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all the supplies at beadaholique.com you

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