How to Make a Geometric Pyramid using Bar Chain

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see how to create a pyramid shape using bar chain links and the jump rings that come with the bar chain. You can make 2 pyramids out of a single foot of chain. Also see how to insert a bead into the pyramid and create a pendant.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and the moment I saw it I knew I had to do a video and so I'm going to show you how to do it so I had cut myself a foot of bar chain to start and I actually made one pyramid out of it already so I'm gonna be able to make a second one out of a single foot of bar chain this is 19 millimeters the bead I'm using them in a capture inside of it is 12 millimeters I'm gonna need a head pin and for me I want to put a little bit of a little ball right here like a little spacer ball just to fill in a little bit of a gap there too that would show the exposed wire you don't have to but I just wanted to so it's a little tiny bead so to begin we're gonna form the base of our pyramid and we're gonna need three bar links to do that so I'm going to go ahead and open up the jump ring that connects the bars so these are open jump rings meaning they are not soldered which is going to allow me to open them and use them just like any other jump ring so now I'm going to take that while it's still open and make a triangle okay close it back up so I've got the bottom of my pyramid now I'm going to need three more links to complete my pyramid so at first I'm going to separate out the three more links I'm just going to put there jump rings aside for right now so I got three separate links now and now I need to start to build up my pyramid so I'm going to carefully open the jump ring that is attaching two of the bars together already open it attach a third bar and close it back up okay there's one I'm gonna do the same thing with another one we'll go to the other side find the opening it could be a little hard to see these are tiny and I've actually had this a little further away from my eyeballs and I would normally if I wasn't doing this in a video there we go close it so now we've got basically a triangle with two bars coming off of two sides and actually as you're making this you might think of a whole bunch of other projects to do with this I know I did I was like oh that make a lovely earring just like like this hang some beads from those bars a lot of different ideas actually came to mind as I was making this which is part of the fun of jewelry design you never know where your creativity will lead you so I'm going to attach this third bar and then close it okay so there is a bar attached to each side now what I have to do is I have to form my pyramid and I'm going to do that using one of these jump rings so these are the jump rings that came with the bar and I'm going to carefully attach it to all of my bars there's two and I got to pull up the third one there we go you're gonna close it there we have a pyramid so now to get the bead inside you're actually gonna put the bead inside the pyramid before you put the headpin on it there we go so we just captured it right there and you want to make sure that the hole is facing the mid part of one of the jump rings so now we're going to take our head pin go up through the bottom and then I want that little gold bead on here just to fill in that gap so you could go like this and that would be perfectly fine but you can see you see the bar and so just you don't have to add this other little element but you can if you want to so I'm just going to slip that bead on there carefully pull it back and go up through the middle of that jump ring so we have a captured bead inside the pyramid and now I'm just going to make a wrapped wire loop and I'm going to do it with wire looping pliers I feel like they give me a little bit more of a secure grip because I'm going to hold this wire in the wire looping pliers for the entire time I do my wrapping versus switching to perhaps a chain nose to hold that loop as I make my wraps so I'm just going to hold it and wrap a couple times snip off the excess wire with the flush cutters and then tuck that tail in like so and there we have a captured bead inside of a geometric pyramid using bar chain and I have to thank Karlin for this idea because it is so clever and I never would have thought to have done that I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all the supplies along with other videos at you

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