How to Make a Gemstone Herringbone Necklace with Wire Elements

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to create this design using 26 gauge craft wire, 2mm flat cable chain, and 6mm agate beads. First you will see how to make a herringbone wire wrapped bead. Then you will see how to assemble the necklace using open link chain and head pins, as well as how to attach a lobster clasp and chain extender.
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique - oh you how to make the herringbone wire wrap necklace which has a nice layered effect using flat cable chain with open links as well as agate and herringbone wire wrapping so this necklace comes together using three different tones of 26 gauge wire by the beadsmith and those spools are over here I want to show you the different colors we'll be using we've got the antiqued copper the hematite the vintage bronze and it also comes in a pretty rose gold color for the rest of the project we'll be using some 3.6 millimeter flat cable chain I have some six millimeter agate beads 1.5 inch head pins a chain extender lobster clasp and four tools I'll be using the micro grip tool set by the beadsmith now these are great because they fit so nicely in your hand they're very compact with fine tips for detail work they also have a removable spring that just comes out by pressing down and pulling forward what we want to do first is create one more of these herringbone wire wraps and I'm going to do that using the hematite wire taking 14 inches clip that with my side cutters my round nose pliers I'm gonna grip about two inches down and I'm gonna make a 90 degree angle wrap up and over the top toward the inside of the plier to match the loop size and I'm going to create about ten coils or enough to fill a quarter inch of space stacking those down the stem of the wire they don't have to be perfect because these are going to be wrapped over with the the herringbone technique that I'll be showing you let me hold this up to the ruler just to see where I'm gonna do a few more raps probably use up the wire just clip that tail and I'm ready to slide on my bead I chose these agate beads to really show off the different colors of the wire once that song I'm going to measure about a quarter inch of space so that the two sides match and from there I'm going to angle again at 90 degrees and create another wrapped wire loop coming up and over the top of the plier so the loop sizes match and filling that space with coils all right I've made the mistake in the past of clipping my wire that's usually what you do with wrap wire loops but in this case here's what we're gonna do we're gonna take the remainder of the wire and come over the edge of the bead rounding over coming over the front of the opposite side and making a 360 degree rotation then I'm gonna bring the wire around opposite side of the bead kind of splitting it in half and again coming around 360 degrees so once I've met up with the other side I'm gonna again come around the side of the bead and I'm stacking my wrap kind of nestling it next to my previous one and coming around the same side of that wire edge as I did before coming around flipping the bead over and doing the same thing nestling that wire against the bead over the front of that opposite side 360 degrees you can see the pattern developing here as the wires stack against each other a little trickier working with this thinner wire to demonstrate if you want to visit our other video that shows how to make a herringbone wire wrapped bead you're welcome to do that as well basically the object is to I'm gonna need to go another direction here there we go fill the space on either side up to your wrapped wire loops and it creates sort of a Peapod look on one side and then a beautiful domed look on the other and you can decide which side you want to feature they both look really nice I'm getting my left eye strapped on that side and then I can just coil twice around once or twice and clip the extra so now we have our sixth link and we're ready to assemble our necklace and you'll see what I've done is prepare ahead of time lengths and components so that it will be a little more streamlined so what I have here are lengths of three links each and I need one more length of three links and I just want to show you how I got those because with this open link chain you don't need any jump rings because these links act as jump rings themselves and so just with pliers I'm gonna open up the third link and create myself the little section that I need and that's that so now that I know I have what I need actually know this is long enough for the project as well this is 15 and a half inches remaining and what I'm going to do is link up each of my herringbone beaded pieces and I'm going to line them up in the color order that I've chosen there we go and I'm just gonna connect them using these three linked portions of chain so again each one is just gonna be opened up same as you would a jump ring slide on the loop of your wrap and close it up you do the same on the other side so each end is though it's also gonna have three links of chain my next link figure out which side opens up and latch it on now I'm gonna take the other end link on this section open it up and slide on my next wire wrapped feed so I'm gonna continue doing this with each of my beads until they're all connected and then I'll come back with you and we'll go to the next step so I've connected my sections and now we're ready to move on to the next step for this I'm going to take in the 15 and a half inch length of chain and what we're gonna do is dangle some beads off of the chain so I'm picking out which beads I want that's what's fun about these agates is they each look different and they have these wonderful little stripes on them switch those there we go okay so I'm gonna take a headpin string on my bead and off of the top I'm gonna make a simple wire loop so for that I'm just gonna grip right next to the bead and angle it off to the side then I'm going to insert my plier at the size of which loop I want to make and create my loop now I'm gonna find the center link of my chain and for that I'm gonna hang it straight upward and just eye it I'm gonna grab on to a link and check myself there see if I got the right one I think I need to go one over there we are okay so I'm going to snap that on and now I'm ready to make my cut so I'm just gonna snip right at the base of that loop and tuck it closed next I'm going to count eight links over and add my next bead in the same way sliding my bead on and going off the top making my loop and counting the links this is approximately three-quarters of an inch but I find with projects like this that counting links really gets in accurate spacing all right so that's at one side whatever I do on one side I'm gonna do on the other that's gonna create me a symmetrical set of beads right in the middle of this chain take up my next bead and go over the top create my loop now let's see it think I'm going up the other side and for this what I can do rather than counting is again hold up my Center bead and take a look at where the links fall and match up and so I see that eight link down here is this one snap it on a clip I'm just gonna do that one more time on either side add on my beads and then we'll connect the two strands so now that I've hung my beads onto my longer strand I'm ready to connect the two so for that I'm gonna take the end link on one side of my herringbone beads I'm opening that up and what I'm gonna do is measure 1.5 inches up from my end bead on one side so let me bring this over to my ruler real quick measure and latch just sliding that link onto the one that I want and closing it up and I'm going to do the same thing on the other side kind of hang it straight to get it so that it's not kinked or swiveled in any way lay it down and now I'll grab this end link find the open side open that up and again bring my ruler in and get my one-and-a-half inch measurement okay I'm just gonna slide one link onto another that's the great thing about this chain that opens and closes is in the design process it really helped me figure out what proportions and lengths that I needed without having to do a lot of cutting of chain because then I wasn't wasting any all right so I've got those together and now we're just ready to add our clasp and our extender chain so for that I'm just going to open the end link on one side see that's my open side I'm gonna slide on the loop of my clasp and close it up whatever chain you're working with it has open links you'll just want to make sure it can accommodate your finding all right and now here's another tip oftentimes the extender chain will come with open links as well since this is bigger and easier to grip I'm gonna head go ahead and open that one and latch that on to the end link on my other side of my necklace alright so there we have it so there is a herringbone wire wrap necklace using some beautiful agate three tones of wire and these are all available at also be sure to click the bell and subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching

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