How to Do Pearl and Gemstone Knotting with Spaces Between Beads

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Designer: Rachel Zaimont
Skill Level: Intermediate
Learn a variation on traditional pearl and gemstone knotting in this video, in which your beads are spaced out with extra knots for a less dense, more delicate look.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is rachel with beadaholique Elle and gemstone nodding with spaces in between your beads prolong is a very traditional technique for wearing a string of pearls or stones and it keeps your stones from rubbing up against each other so it protects your beads and it looks pretty this necklace is an example of the traditional way to do pearl knotting it's actually using Jade beads and gold beads and as you can see the beads are right up against each other just separated by knots and the knots keep the beads from rubbing up against each other which can cause harm to something delicate like a pearl so another aesthetic choice is to keep your beads separated so this is another project I'm working on it's in progress and this is a strand of garnet and here I'm keeping these beads separated with not only knots but a little length of thread between each of the beads and it creates a very delicate look with these gaps where you can see the very fine thread so I'm going to show you how to do this and this is a strand that I just started using red Griffin silk and some rose quartz chips and we have another video on how to start pearl knotting with tweezers so just to recap what I did first was I took my Griffin silk off of the card made a knot at the end without the attached needle and then I added a clam shell not cover and that's how I started this thread so what I'm going to do now is show you two ways to do pearl or gemstone nodding with spaces between your beads one way involves measuring the space between your beads you can know exactly how much space you're adding between your gemstones or pearls and another way is just to eyeball it I personally prefer eyeballing because I'm a little bit impatient and I kind of like the organic look that results when you have slightly different lengths between your beads but I'll just show you what I'm going to do so to measure I have a ruler here and if you're familiar with pearl knotting or if you watch our other video you know that you start by making a loose knot and then you insert your pliers into the knot and grab the thread and pull the knot closed around it so I'm just going to measure here it looks like I have just under half an inch between each of these beads so I'm going to just look at that ruler and insert my tweezers where I want that next knot to go you can right about here and now I'm just going to pull the thread and create that knot at exactly the lengths that I want and I'm going to go ahead and add a bead onto the attached needle of this Griffin silk cord slide it down and now going to create another knot to hold that bead in place and just pull and use my tweezers to tighten that knot down on top of the beads so it's nice and secure so that's how to do it measuring you can also just just eyeball it which is my preferred method and it works pretty well because you can check out how much space you have between your previous beads and then say I want my next bead to go over here so I'm just going to pull that knot down tighten it with the tweezers and now I'm all ready to add another gemstone bead slide it down and make another knot to secure it as close to that gemstone or pearl bead as you can get it Griffin silk comes in lots of different sizes which is good because it will fit any type of bead you have and the way to know if you're getting the right size Griffin silk is to check out the front of the package and it says the millimeter width of the silk thread and then just check out the size of the hole of your beads and see if you can figure out which size is best for the bead you're working with it's a little bit harder with gemstone beads because sometimes their holes are a bit irregular so in that case I would advise to tend downward toward a slightly thinner thread because then you know that at least your thread will fit on all of your beads so that's how to do pearl and gemstone in with spaces in between your beads you can find all of these supplies at thanks for watching you

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