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Hi. This is Andrea for In this video I'm going to show you have to make a wrapped bracelet just like this one. In today video were not gonna be using skulls. This is just a special design for halloween. But it's the same principle. What you're going to need for this is some cord. about two millimeters wide. We're using a rubber cord. You can use a faux leather or leather or you could use a waxed cotton. It's up to you. You're gonna need a button. This one doesn't have a shank. I just thread the court right through the button holes. Today I'm going to be using one that I made myself with a little shank. To make the bracelet wrap around once I have about three feet here and you're gonna have to suspend your cord somehow so you can work with both hands free. I have this black box here because this is the easiest way I can think of showing you how to do this because you need to clamp this down. So I have two bull dog clamps. If you're making this at home you can probably rig something up that that you can tied it to. Say a leg of a table which I've done before. I found that really helpful but if not this is a good kind of compromise. You could find a sturdy box and clamp it down and you can do your weaving that way. So that's what we're going to do today. I'm going to go ahead and put the button on one end. To do that I have my cord doubled up. I'm just going to insert one end through the shank on my button put it right down to the middle. I'm going to tie a knot right behind that button shank. Just a simple overhand knot. So quickly what I've done here is I have a little scrap piece of material that I tied onto the shank of my button. This is what I used to clamp this down to the side of my box here because I don't want to damage the actual cord and once I'm done I can just snip this right off. I'm going to clamp that down. I'm going to string my cord across the box. I'm going to clamp it down on the other side and I'm going to spread it apart a little to have room to work. I don't mind ruining this side because I'm going to be either be beading around it or I'm going to tie it into a knot so I can worry about that later. First thing first I'm going to take my Griffin silk and I'm going to tie it into a knot around the top of my bracelet underneath the button. I'm going to do just a square knot simple overhand knot followed by another one and that's right in the middle of my Griffin silk. You're going to need some beads. I'm using six millimeter today. I'm using purple and these lovely olive green beads. You can do smaller beads. You can use three millimeter up to as large as what I have with the skulls. I think they're about fourteen millimeter. Also today you're gonna need I prefer using two needles. I've got two big eye needles. Now the griffin silk comes with a needle at one end. I just went and cut that off. I'm going to use the big eye needles instead. But you can use the pre-existing needle if you like. By the way this is size two Griffin. Now today I'm going to be making a single wrap. If you'd like to make double or triple wrap just use twice as much and three times as much cord. I'm going to put the big eye needle on each end on my Griffin silk on the right hand side. one on the left. To begin weaving I'm going to take my needles and I'm going to put them through the middle of my cord. My two pieces of cord. SO I'm starting out with my thread coming out of the middle of my bracelet. I'm going to add my first bead going to do a purple gemstone bead. I'm going to put my right needle through it going the opposite direction and my left needle criss crossing. I'm going to pull tight. Ideally what we want is we want the bead to be right in between the cord and obviously when you first start out that can be quite difficult. I'm going to try to just place it there for the time being. Once you add more beads they'll all line up and fall into place. Moving on to our second bead what we're going to do again is take both needles and go through the middle just like we did before. We're going to add our second bead. Normally you would use the same color the string as you would cord but like I said I'm just using this bright orange so you can see what I'm doing but also if you like that design option it's there for you. I my second bead done. I'm going to do the same thing that I did previously. Take both needles through the center and I'm going to add another bead criss crossing and pull tight until the new bead is snug up against the other two. Take both needles go through the center. You'll get a rhyme pretty soon and figure out what tension works best for you but you wanna pull pretty snug so the beads aren't moving around too much. I'm going to add one more bead I'm going to pull tight. One more time and go through the center with both needles. Okay I'm gonna continue doing this until I reach the end of my bracelet and then I'll show you how to finish it. As you can see I have most of my bracelet completed. You're gonna want about five inches because the bracelet is going to be made adjustable with extra loops on the end that you can put your button through. So the smallest size is going to be around six and a half seven inches. So now that I have all my beads sewn onto my cord I'm going to remove my needles. I'm going to one last time put my thread through the inside. I'm going to tie this off now. You can do that several different ways. You can actually leave this long and tie the silk thread in with your knot. I'm going to finish it off with a couple of overhand knots on each side. So what I'm doing real quick is I'm just making kind of like the number four going up through and pulling tight. You can do that a few times just so it'll be a little more secure. So you can either leave it like this and trim it off and possibly put a tiny little dab of glue like GS Hypo cement and on the knots so they're not going anywhere. Or I'm gonna show you how to tie it into the rest of the loops for that clasp. So you're going to remove your bracelet from your working surface. Like I said before I have an extra piece of string on there. I'm just going to ahead and cut that off because we don't need that anymore. I'm going to take my thread and my cord together and I'm simply going to make an overhand knot. Bring it up to my beads as it can go without making it too scrunched up. Now is my thread is the same color as your cord this isn't gonna matter at all so you won't be able to see that and it's a good way to keep the thread very secure on there. I'm going to go ahead and cut off the access thread right now. To make this adjustable I need to make several different loops. So to make the first one I'm just going to kind of roughly measure how much space I would need for my button to pass through. So I'm going to need it about maybe three quarters of an inch. I'm just going to eyeball it and make another very tight overhand knot. Going to make sure that it's going to fit. That should be just about perfect. So I'm about to go about five eighths to three quarters of an inch away equal lengths. I'm going to make another overhand knot/ Now all I have to do is cut off my excess cord. I always like to do it unbiased on an angle because it looks a little better. There you have a finished wrap bracelet. Now once again this is just a single wrap. You can do it as long as you like. You can have wrap around as many times as you like. It's a fun little project and you can make many variations of this very same bracelet. So have fun with it and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Thanks for watching. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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