How to Make a Knotted Waxed Linen Wrap Bracelet (beads on the inside)

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Designer: Andrea Morici
In this Beadaholique video, Andrea show us how to make a knotted waxed linen wrap bracelet with beads on the inside. Looking like an interesting trinket picked up at a Sunday marketplace in some exotic locale, this bracelet has a casual elegance appropriate for every day wear. See also How to Make a Knotted Waxed Linen Wrap Bracelet (Beads on the Outside)
Audio Transcript
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Hi. This is Andrea from In this video I'm going to show you how to make this wrap bracelet out of waxed linen and toho seed beads. For this project I'm only going to make a bracelet that goes around one time instead of two but if you want your bracelet longer obviously you can just double or triple or even quadruple it. Make it wrap around as many times as you want. So what you need for this project you going to need your waxed linen. And today I'm using this cream color. It also comes in brown and black. I have it pre-cut. I have one center strand that is just over a foot and a half long. I have two outer strands that are just over three feet long. I also have three different colors of 8/0 toho seed beads. You can use pretty much any kind of bead you want that has a hole larger than a millimeter but to be safe it should be like a millimeter in half. These are a 8/0. I love this size with this bracelet. I think it just fits really nicely and you can choose any color you'd like. You can use metal seed beads but I really like this color combo. So I chose like a bronzy color here and dark matte olive and a matte burnt turquoise. And one more thing you're going to need is a clasp and for this I'm going to use just a ten millimeter antique brass plated bead. So what I'm going to do here I'm going to take my three strands of waxed linen and knot them together at one end. I'm going to do that about three inches down. So I'm going to go ahead and make an overhand knot here. I'm going to separate my strands and make sure that I have the shortest one which I have right here in my right hand in the center with the two longer ones aren't you decide Now I need to secure my threads down to my work surface. Normally I would use duct tape and I would tape it to the underside of a table but for video purposes today I'm gonna tape my duct tape here. Cut off a piece that's three inches long. I'm going to tape it to the table so you can see what I'm doing. Now if you watched our video on making a Waxed Linen Wrap Bracelet with the Beads on the outside you'll remember this stitch. It's called the cobra knot and it's the same exact knot that I used in the other bracelet. So to do this is knot what you're gonna do is your going to take the left outer strand you're gonna make an 'S' on top of the center strand. With your right outer strand you're going to go over on top of and down through the bottom of the 'S' back under the center strand and up and out through the upper loop of the left hand strand. And that's your first knot and you're going to go ahead and tighten that all the way up to the top. Then you're going to repeat this process on the other side making a backwards 'S' with the right hand outer strand putting the left one above and down through behind the center strand and up and out of the upper loop. You're going to hold your center strand taut as you tighten this knot as well. So that's it. That's a basic knot you have one done already and you're add your beads now. In the other video you may remember that the beads go on the outer strands. In this video they're going on the center. So you're just going to pick up a bead and the pattern that I used for this is three olive green beads, one turquoise one bronze, one turquoise and then I just repeated that. So that's what I'm gonna do here again. I'm going to add my first olive green bead. Push it all the way up and then do the cobra knot again. Above and down, through, behind and up through again and tighten. I'm going to do the same thing on the other side reversed. I'm going to keep on knotting my bracelet in this manner. Just going to keep on adding a bead and then doing the cobra knot on both sides. I'm gonna continue until my bracelet's about six-and-a-half inches long here. As you can see I have most of my bracelet done. All I have to do is finished the clasp. To do this I'm going to tie all three of my strands in a knot at the very end here. I'm going to separate out my shortest strand which is the center one. Once again if you watched the other video you'll remember this knot is the same exact knot or if you made friendship bracelets as a kid you'll remember this as well. You're going to take your one strand here strand it to the left you're gonna make a four on top of the right hand strand then you're gonna go up through and pull tight. You're just going to just keep on doing this with the same strand tying knots around your base strand. Okay. I'm going to stop here for a second. As you can see my knots are twisting around and outside and what I want to do is I want to line all of the knots up. So I'm going to straighten this out and it's also going to lengthen and a little bit. So stop before you think you would have to. The length you want for this is you want it to be long enough to fit around your clasp which is this bead. And it's ten millimeters so it just has to fit nicely around this and it looks like I'm going to have to do a few more knots to make that happen. Once again I'm going to straighten out my row of knots. I'm going to separate them a little bit to make it just a tad longer here. I think that will be just about perfect for our loop. So what I want to do now is I want to lineup the end of my knotted segment with my initial knot right there. I'm going to tie it on. The best part about this waxed linen is that the wax helps you're knot stay in place really nicely. So I'm going to tie my two strands around the base. Once just as a simple over hand knot. Then I'm going to do a surgeons knot which I'm going to double that looping through. So instead of looping through once, you do it one more time. For added security I can take my strand that was originally the center strand and I can use it to tie knots with the other two strands as well. Really you're just gonna knot until it feels security and until it looks even. You don't want a bigger knot on one side than on the other. So that looks pretty good to me. I'm going to take my flush cutters and I'm going to go ahead and cut the excess off. There you have the loop end of your knot. Now I'm going to flip this over. Now I'm gonna add my bead half of my clasp. I'm going to join all three strands together and kind of mush them together. The wax will hold them in place. I'm going to tread them through this bead and push the bead all the way down to you're knot. I'm going to knot this once and then knot a second time. I'm going to trim off all three strands. There you have it. There's your bracelet. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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