How to Make a Box Knot Keychain with Ultra Suede Cord

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see how to make a box knot keychain using ultra suede cord. You will learn how to start the keychain using a split ring style of jump ring and how to make a box knot. You will also learn how to finish this design with an overhand knot and seed beads for an extra embellishment.
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hi this is kat with using ultra suede cord now I have a finished example here of what we're gonna be making so you can see that we have our beautiful box not going down the link we have our split ring there at the top which is going to attach to whatever we want it to and then I'm going to show you how to finish it off using some lovely little beads and little knots so I'm going to be using like I said the microfiber suede and this is in three millimeters so I have two lengths here I have two links that are exactly the same they're 30 inches each for my demonstration here you can go longer or shorter but just so you know this is about the size of what you're gonna make for 30 inches all right so I have my little seed beads here we're gonna add those a little bit later and I have my 8 millimeters split ring again you can use a larger split ring it is entirely up to you or you can use a larger bigger keychain okay so what we're gonna do is we're gonna kind of separate this into a nice little cross that's gonna go up and down and to the side and on the one here in the center we're gonna slide on our little ring make sure that falls right in the center there you can just kind of pick them up and judge them there we go it's just about the center and then for my second length I'm gonna place it right on top so now we're gonna do our first box now so this is how you're going to want to start so keep that as close as you can to the center but don't worry we're gonna sort of adjust that so we're just gonna take one cord and bring it up and over the top and kind of hold that down bring this up and over so we have two little standing loops here so now what we're gonna do is we're gonna take the right hand side we're gonna go up and over this first one and we're gonna go through that second little loop so we're gonna kind of pull that closed and just like that we're gonna keep it sort of loose for now and then we're gonna do the same with our other cord we're gonna go up over this first cord and we're gonna go through that's that loop on the other side and I'm just gonna pull this through just very gently all right so now what we're gonna do and you can see there's our box knot and we're just gonna pull all cords evenly towards the center and this is where you're keeping that little keychain Center right there and just pulling and with the ultra suede because it is a sort of flattened rectangular cord you're gonna be able to see this box not come together now before you fully tighten it you see how mine's still kind of loosey-goosey we want to flip it over and make sure nothing is sort of flipped or twisted and we also want to kind of bring all four cords together out to one side and just make sure everything's kind of even looks like I got a little off there so we're just gonna kind of adjust so I'm just gonna pull this one a little bit more and as you can see this first one is the hardest part but once you get this going there's actually really fun and easy so if you're working with kids maybe you start this one and then have the kiddos do the other ones this is a great kind of summer camp project this is something I learned way back when all right so there is our box not that you can see so now we still have our cords in that little cross pattern and if you flip it over again we'll make sure that nothing is gotten twisted at the top so now let's do that again and this is where it gets a little bit easier because now everything has a side and what I mean is this cord here coming out the top is gonna stay to the left side so even when I bring that down it's gonna stay to the left and this when I bring it up it's gonna stay to the right and then same with this court out to the right it's gonna stay to the top and I'm gonna go up and through that top loop there and bring that across and then with my bottom cord here it's the one to the left is going to go up and through that loop to the bottom and come out to the right there now we're gonna kind of scooch all those together same sort of thing I'm trying to keep mine on the table but it's I can be a little bit easier if you just go ahead and pick it up now you can see what starts to happen is sometimes they start to twist like that you want to make sure that they don't do that and that they come together nice and easily and just sort of scooch it together one chord at a time and that's how you'll get your nice little tight box knot you can see that they just come together because what we want to achieve is a nice straight box night you can see all the cords are laying nice and flat here this is what we're going for so when you start to look at it from the side you'll start to see that develop and if some some part got twisted you can fix that but you kind of have to fix it as you go so that's one thing that we want to watch out for all right I'm going to show you one more time real quick because things do flip around so whichever side things are on they're just going to stay there so this is going to come down this is going to come up this one is going to go now through the bottom because it's on the bottom side it's gonna go through my little loop now to the side this one is gonna go up and over through that loop out to the side and we do have a video showing you how to do a box not using paracord so if you're using a rounded cord the only difference is that you don't have to watch out for all this flipping but I thought it would be really fun oops and you see mine flipped right there just a little bit and there we go I thought it would be really fun to show you how to do it with the ultra suede because one of the first materials I learned with were these plastic cords that you can do this with so that was another kind of inspiration for this design alright so we have our box not going keep going and I'm gonna show you how to finish it off once we have gotten to the link that we want and for this it's gonna be about two inches or so alright so keep on going and I'll show you how to finish it off right when we get back all right so I've brought all four cords down here to the bottom I'm happy with my length and now what we're gonna do is we're just gonna do a really basic overhand knot so just go ahead and take all four of those cords tie a little overhand and pull them all through at the same time and then we're just gonna scooch that down as close as we can to the top you might need to sort of pull on individual strands just to tighten that up we are gonna pull and make sure that we have a nice-looking overhand knot there we go give a little tug on each of those guys make sure it is nice and snug so that is our little overhand knot and now to these four little cords here what we're gonna do is I'm gonna string on my little seed beads and you can see that I've cut them at an angle now you can use a pair of flush cutters to sort of cut those right in an angle or you can also use a pair of scissors as well and the other tool that might be helpful here is a pair of tweezers so what we're gonna do is you're just gonna slip that through and I can grab that with my nails but if you can't a little pair of tweezers can always help just pull that through so go ahead and slide that guy down and we're just gonna do a little overhand knot with that end and again if you are having trouble getting it through there there we go you can use your little tweezers so give that a nice little tug and then you can slide your bead down now these are one seed beads that I'm using here today I get to show you how to do this here we go and just cut that nice sharp angle and we'll be able to get that through you can also use gemstones you can use other seed beads you can use pony beads there's lots of options here you're just gonna want to make sure that that hole is gonna be large enough you can see that these are really tight on here and that's what I wanted I didn't want them to kind of move around too much but you can absolutely make that decision for yourself but this is a three millimeter cord as you're gonna want to make sure that those holes are gonna fit all right and again you can make these longer you can create a loop you can finish them in different styles if you like if you are working with paracord you can finish it with a lighter but again if you are working with kids please mom and dad definitely take care of that for them all right and the last one here pull that through make me a little loop and the fun thing to do is you can actually do this with two different colors too so you can get a really fun little pattern happening in here so if you use two different colors it'll create a nice little sort of separation and so that is how you can make a box not keychain using ultra suede cord I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these supplies and see even more tutorial videos by heading over to

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