How to Tie a Cat's Paw Knot

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to tie a cat's paw knot onto a pendant. This technique can be used with many types of cord including leather, Chinese knotting cord, and Paracord. You will see not only a single but a double cat's paw demonstrated as well.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with at that you'll see a lot with paracord so if you just look here this is your traditional cat's paw so you can see that it has a nice little double loop and then a single loop there so this is a single cat's paw you can also do a double cat's paw and I'm going to show you how to do both in this video so you can just see the difference there you're gonna have an extra little loop there happening so we have our single cat's paw and our double cat's paw alright so let's go ahead and let's show you how to do this so I have a little cord here and this is a one point five millimeter cord it's just some of that Chinese knotting cord it's very flexible it's a nice nylon and to demonstrate I'm going to be using the Swarovski crystal urban pendant and as you can see it has a nice little oval hole there and that's gonna be ideal for tying this type of a knot okay so go ahead and take your cord whatever it is fold it in half and you're gonna stick the loop through the hole of the opening and then you're gonna do something that is probably very familiar to you're going to tie a larks head knot so go ahead and take those two ends and take them up through and down now what we want to do before we start our catspaw is we actually want to make sure that that loop is on the top so I'm going to flip over my piece to make sure that that loop there is over the two cords coming out so then go ahead and separate just like so and now what you're gonna do is you're going to take that pendant and you're gonna flip it to the back and you're actually going to bring it through that opening there and pull down and then all you need to do is just kind of wiggle it and you can use your finger to bring it down and it's gonna pull tight and sit just on top of it there you go now you can see that one of the loops is sitting up and one is sitting to the side so all you need to do is just kind of separate that and bring it together so that they sit right next to each other so it does take a little bit of wiggling but it's a really nice sort of stylized knot that is similar to a larks head and then you can have your two strands facing out like that so that is the single cat's paw so I'm actually going to take that apart and show you the double cat's paw now which of course you can imagine is going to be very similar so again fold your cord in half stick it through the loop there and bring your cords up through and again flipping it over to make sure that our loop is on the other side and this one we're gonna want a little bit more space there so separating our cords we're gonna flip through once and to do the double we're gonna flip through twice very simple and then go ahead and take your cord and I'm just kind of feeding it down with my fingers and just kind of pulling it at the same time and we're gonna get to our little double catspaw there we go and I'm just tightening it giving a little tug to each side there we go and it comes down into our double cat's paw now this is a 1.5 millimeter chord but I just want to bring it up here with the others to show you the difference so this is a one millimeter cord you can see just how teeny tiny that is which is really kind of cute if you you know want to do a slider necklace or even a bracelet and then this is a two millimeter cord so you can just see how much chunkier that is so if you just want to kind of look we go from 1 to 1.5 to 2 and then I also did it using leather now as you can see on this one it has three so this is a triple cat's paw so you can actually do this several times it'll give you that nice sort of roped tiered effect so it's just really kind of neat to do with leather and this is actually a finished necklace that I did so you can see what it looks like when it's all done and I use this great little clasp in the back and these little crimps that work it great for leather they actually come as a nice little set so all you need to do is get your leather your crystal and your little end caps there so just lots of options you can do with the cat's paw so that is how to tie the cat's paw knot you can get all of the supplies and see even more tutorial videos by heading over to and if you're new to our youtube channel and be sure to subscribe to get all the latest from beadaholique

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