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Hi this Megan with today I'm going to show you how to attach ribbon to a jump ring so that when you're making jewelry with ribbon you can attach either chain or something else or you can attach your clasp if you're gonna have the ribbon be all the way to the end and so you have knotted on here in a way that doesn't have any loose ends so it won't fray it's really simple What you're going to do is take your ribbon and if you're using ribbon that tapers down at the end go ahead and trim that tapered edge off so that it's just a normal flat edge then your going to take your jump ring and you can use a closed jump ring if you wanna use another jump ring to attach your clasp or your chain if you want to have it just be the jung ring and the chain go ahead and use an open jump ring but if your ribbon is really thin it might get caught in there and it's up to you and it kind of depends on the situation which one you one you want to use but if you using an open jump ring the first thing you want to do is make sure that it's closed and then put the end of the ribbon through your jump ring you want to have about a two-inch tail and you're going to take the short end of your ribbon and tuck it fold in half and tuck it inside the longer edge so that it wraps around it then you're just going to tie an overhand knot on the very end here just loop around pull the jump ring through then you're gonna pull it tight you can decide how far you want to this little loop from the knot pull tight and then you want to pull on the edges of your ribbon to make sure that it's nice and secure pull on both edges and if you want to put a little dab of glue in there to make sure it's really going to hold you can then you're going to take the long part of your ribbon and you're gonna pull it down around the knot all the way down and very carefully cutoff this excess bit of ribbon and make sure you don't cut along part just the tail and again if you want to get you can put just a dab of glue on that end to seal it it's really not gonna stick out pretty much so it will work either way and that's it that's how you connect it and then you can just use that jump ring to connect your ribbon to anything you want

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