How to Make the Wire Wrapped Skull Earrings

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video tutorial learn how to create these wire wrapped statement earrings featuring a gemstone skull, Nunn Design open frame pendant, and a dramatic tassel. The dramatic design utilizes open chain links and wrapped wire loops to connect the elements instead of jump rings.
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Hi, this is Julie with stone skull bead with the tassel on a Nunn design open frame circle pendant hanging from some chain and are really pretty in the design earring hook so I started out with the thought of doing this skull bead and I was like how can I make this really fun really big and definitely impressive and they showstopper so I hope that you agree that that's what I've done and I'm going to show you how long this actually measures so this is almost a 4 inch earring from the top of the earring hook where it's gonna sit in your ear to the base of the tassel so it's a good size earring but it's really not all that heavy it's not SuperDuper light but it's definitely wearable in my opinion and it's not too heavy so what you're going to need to make this is some wire I am using 24 gauge artistic wire and antique brass you're gonna need your Nunn design components we got that earring hook and the open frame circle we've got some chain right here and you'll see the actual product listing links in the description of this video a really bright wonderful orange tassel that already has a gold jump ring attached to it it comes that way there anything em stone skull bead and for these little guys to add just a little bit of sparkle I have some micro spacers so these are really pretty and faceted and sparkly in terms of your tools you're going to need a pair of wire looping pliers you can use a round nose as well I just prefer the wire looping myself a chain nose a second chain nose plier and some type of cutter I like a nice flush cutter that comes to a point so up to you but you just need a cutter for that so let's go ahead and begin there's a couple different parts to this project we're gonna start with the wire wrapping so I'm going to cut off about oh 18 inches or so you can just eyeball it and we're gonna begin by wire wrapping our pendant so I like to do this first because I don't have anything obstructing my hand it makes the wire wrap and go a little bit easier and it also makes it so that it just doesn't get caught on anything so you see I'm just going to start by loosely just putting the wire through the hole the center of the open front pendant and I am going to be gripping it on this end so I'm holding on to it I have a tail of about an inch and a half I'm just gonna wrap it so I've made a nice one nice wrap and on this first wrap I'm just gonna go and tighten up my wrap ever so slightly so it's a little bit neater and this is what I'm gonna hold on to and now I'm gonna do about seven or eight reps with my tools out of the way so you can do as many or as few wrappings as you like my tip is to once you've made the first earring to look at your wraps and just kind of make sure that you have about the same number just so that it looks consistent when you're wearing these but you can have 12 you can have 15 you can have five really whatever you like so I've got the wraps right there and I haven't cut off my tail yet I may add my first micro spacer and I like that I'm doing a little mixed metal look I think that's fun so I just put the micro spacer right on to the tail of the wire and then I'm gonna slide it down now with my hand I'm gonna rest it up against the edge of the open frame circle and kind of grip it with my fingernail and wrap that wire up and over because I want it to sit on the outer edge now to keep it there I'm gonna do one more wrap around just like so now I'm going to add a second one and I'm going to do the same process so I'm holding it in place so it stays where I want it to stay on the wire frame and I'm going to do another wrap around and I'm going to want a total of eight of these wrapped okay I've got all eight wrapped now what I want to do is I want to make sure that I have a center point because if you look at this earring design we're hanging this guy here from the center between wire wrapped bead number four and number five so I want to count one two three four and five so this is gonna be my Center and I want to look and I want to be like is that fairly Center and if it's not you can try doesn't always work to scoot your beads a little bit along the frame to make that a little bit more of a center point and that does look a little bit better to me there we go and now count your wraps that you had on this size we had one two three four five six seven eight so I've got two already I'm just gonna do three four five six seven eight all right and then just tuck this guy this is gonna be the back of our earring it's gonna be back here and you know what even though I think I counted right I want to add an extra wrap just to make it go up a little bit higher so we're looking at something that's even and you can go ahead and scoot your coils together with your fingers wire can be anything you want it to be you really do have a lot of flexibility with it don't be afraid to push on it to pull on it make it do what you want it to do especially when you're working with something like a 24 gauge wire because it's still quite pliable so we got both our tails in the back and at this point we're just going to snip them off and then what you're going to want to do is tuck in those tails make sure they're pressed down against the frame so they're not pokey alright so we've got our wire wrapped piece and now we are ready to go ahead and add our skull and our tassel and you might have noticed besides the jump ring that I have right here I don't have any other jump rings I use in this project that's because I'm going to create the action with wrapped wire loops so I'm gonna kind of neck all these together with wrapped wire loops and actually from the same piece of wire so I'm gonna grab about 12 inches or so here you don't see how close I was on that might have been a little bit more yeah so this was about 14 inches and I'm gonna start down at one end and I'm gonna use my wire looping pliers so about an inch from the end I'm going to make a little loop just like so it's gonna slip my tassel onto that little loop like that and grab it with my pliers and then I got this and nice and straight and I'm gonna do a couple of wraps and then trim my excess tail now if you look at the size of the hole and this bead is actually quite nice and big so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna feed my wire through it and when we come up towards it I'm hoping that my wraps will just slip inside that hole and they do so it's really just the loop that's sticking out I'm gonna pull it so now we've got that tassel you can change the direction of that loop if you want just by repositioning it so I like the tassel jump ring to face forward now what we're going to do is we are going to connect this guy to our wire wrapped open for a pendant and we're gonna do that by creating another wrapped wire loop but this one want to be quite large so we're gonna go in bed and position our wire the very back of this tapered nose you see you can make small little loops towards the tip and at the back you can make nice big ones so really we're gonna position this towards the back and I'm really just practically sitting on top of the head of this skull bead and wrap it around and around and we're gonna see what we have so we got a nice big loop and this is a bit tricky not too tricky but you just want to go ahead and end position this so we're gonna thread it through the middle actually I want to be the other way I guess I could just go this way here we go thread it through the middle and loop it around and now we're gonna see how we've got that wire right in here so that is where it's going to connect and we're hanging it between that fourth and fifth bead and now we're just gonna pull that wire so we've got the loop and again what we're gonna do is we're gonna go in there with our chain nose pliers and we're gonna grab that loop and I'm actually grabbing both wires so right we're above where they crisscross and now I'm just going to wrap and I'm gonna keep dropping because I want this to be a good amount of wire over here so once I've got a couple wraps done you can see what we've got so we see how that's attached there and I like to hold on to it it just gives me something nice to securely hold on to and I'm just going around and around and around go back up you can make it a messy loop you can make it a really neat and tidy loop I'm just bulking it up a little you see I'm just going around that head you see what I did on the first one so you can kind of look at that engage and then when you get to of the amount of wraps that you like pull your wire towards the back and trim it and tuck in your tail again so you're tucking in your tail for security purposes but you're also tucking it in just so it doesn't snag on your fingers or snag on anything all right so there is our head our wire wrapped skull head with our tassel below it on our pendant and now we need to go ahead and suspend it from these chains now I have this little piece of chain right here this is a great application if you have scrap chain it's really nice to be able to use little pieces so I know from my first earring that I used two pieces that were six links long each so one two three four five six and I'm going to cut the seventh one you could open it the same way you would open a jump ring these are open chain links meaning they are not soldered together they have a little opening which we're gonna take advantage of in just a second but I just cut it for time purposes here all right one two three four five six ah one two three four five six and cut okay and then we want one more and on this one I know I'm gonna open it up anyways so I'm gonna open this one to remove it so you see there's that little slit it looks just like a jump ring and now we're gonna open it like a jump ring and remove it and we're gonna use that in just a moment first though we're gonna open the end chain link on one of our cut segments and we are gonna thread it through the little hole at the top here which is just so convenient that it is right there for us and close it do the same thing on the other side open it and close it okay just one more step so we've got those guys now we want to take our open one okay and we want this to hang right so we're gonna grab onto them and we're gonna look at and we're like does that hang forward and it actually does which is nice and then we're just gonna slip on our earring hook close it on it make sure it's nice and tight and we have our matched pair for a really fun wire wrapped skull statement earrings so this would be great to wear out for a party or just a fun night or an event or a holiday whatever you want to do with them so you can find all the supplies for this project as well as many other fun projects and videos at you

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