How to Make the Wire Wrapped Luna Earrings

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to make the Wire Wrapped Luna Earrings. These earrings feature sterling silver wire that has been wire wrapped around a sterling silver circle link. To add interest to the design, petite 11/0 gold Miyuki Delica beads have been added to the wire during the wrapping process. Finishing off the design is a amethyst gemstone drop and lovely sterling silver earring hook.
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Hi, this is Julie with stone earring so all the components are sterling silver and then we have this lovely amethyst gemstone in the center and little seed beads along the outside so what I like about this design is I use this wonderful round link that you see here so here's the component I used but you could take the same process I'm going to teach you here and use any of these other shaped components that are available at betta Holly and this is just a small sampling you could do it with a kite shape a teardrop a marquee so a lot of different options you can play around with shapes that have a little interior and exterior loop as well so in terms of what you're gonna need though for this earring you're gonna need one of these wonderful links it's a 25 millimeter 1/2 sterling jump rings an earring hook now I chose this one that had this almost like a round spiral design because I thought it mimicked the shape of the ring nicely but again you have a lot to choose from you're gonna need that gemstone drop and that is amethyst and then I have a 2 inch sterling silver head pin and then the real big component for this the thing that really sets it apart is that delicate wire wrapping and for that I'm going to be using 26 gauge dead soft sterling silver wire so this is actually quite a bit of wire you have here so you're gonna be able to do a lot of different projects if you like to work with sterling silver wire you can make a ton of earrings using the same technique with this wire the tools you're going to need are a couple pairs of chain nose pliers a cutter and a round nose plier or I'm gonna be using a wire looping pliers gonna do the same effect I just really like that the wire looping plier has that round nose and the concave and it does some of the work for me for this earring you will want to begin by cutting yourself 12 inches of the sterling wire since this is a precious metal wire we try not to waste very much so 12 inches is pretty much exactly what you're gonna need you're gonna have a little bit of left over but you really need that left over to be able to grip your work properly as you're doing it start off by feeding your wire through the center hole you want a tail about an inch just enough to be able to hold on to it as you're doing your wrappings and the hardest part of this whole earring is really the beginning oh and you know I don't know if I mentioned we're also going to be using some seed beads I've got my you keep delica seed beads and gold here and they're size 11 oh so we've put the wire through the center hole we're taking it around the outside feeding it back down through the center and making a loop don't worry if your loops are not tight at this point you're really just trying to achieve that anchor point so repeat that and just help your wire go through you don't want it to kink and at this point I'm gonna start to grip some of my existing loops and I'm gripping it fairly you know fairly heavily you can see us made a little indent in my hand it'll go away in just a minute but the wire to begin with can be a little slippery okay so I'm gonna go through again I like the 26 gauge dead soft because it does go easily in and out of the center point so I've made about four little loops at this point I'm gonna use my nails I'm gonna squish them together a little bit and now I'm gonna try to make about four or five more loops but this time since it is anchored have them line up close to each other and you see I'm just really pushing that wire through that center hole with my thumb okay so this is what we've got so far we'll put against that grace you'd hopefully see it a little bit better and don't be afraid to push your wire loops together with your fingernail so I'm really just scooting it along that outer edge now once I've gotten let me just do one more you're gonna have more loops in this but we're gonna do that at the end stage here of our wrapping so you don't have to worry too much about your account right now all right so now we're gonna add our first seed bead so we're just going to use the tail of the wire much like a needle pick up our seed bead let it drop and we want to wrap our beads on the inside of the circle so we're just gonna pull that up just rest inside hold the bead I know I'm covering it with my thumb and fortunately there's no way not to and just hold that bead and wrap your wire around again so you just really trapped it in the center now if you want to you can do just a nice loop around with no beads or you can just go ahead and add another bead I'm going to add another bead and I'm gonna repeat the same process I'm gonna hold it in the center as I feed my wire through and it just traps it in there and then I'm come around to the front again and add another bead will that drop hold it come around again and this is just what we're doing here you'll see we're just wrapping it around and around adding a bead each time and I'm gonna do that until I get to write up about here and then I'm going to take care of this end and then also finish up my wrappings so here let me do another one and then I'm just gonna keep going adding them until I finish my circle okay if you look at where I'm at I'm not quite to the end but this little guy right here is starting to get in the way so what I want to do this was my loose wraps just to get my anchor point I'm gonna unravel that tail to the point where I have me meet and tidy raps and then I'm gonna trim it I'm gonna pull it to the back and just trim it right up close so now that's not in my way anymore so I'm gonna finish a couple more wraps and then I want to leave as you see in this example here I have about a half an inch of just wrapping without any beads and that's what I want to mimic on this other earring as well when you're doing it yourself you can make that a smaller width or you can make it a larger amount of the non beaded wraps totally up to you definitely feel free to play that is you know we're here to give you ideas if you want to follow the project exactly please definitely do but also feel free to you know go off at the pattern and do something that you know catches your fancy as you're doing it because often with wire wrapping what I found is the beads or the wire will lead me and tell me what they wanted to do and it sometimes ends up a totally different design than what I originally had in mind so if that's happening to you definitely go with it alright so I want to look at this one and that looks about right so I'm just gonna do some more wrappings without any beads just loop it through and then make those nice tight little coils if you need to or want to scoot them together until you fill in the gap okay pull it to the backside so now you do know what your front and back is because your back is where you trim the original one and go ahead and trim it off and take your chain nose and just gently press in any rough ends of the wire and there we go and let me show you how much wire you have left because it is a precious metal wire you have almost four inches I felt like I needed this to be able to do my wrappings to have something to hold on to you can save this though this would be great to wire wrap up a briolette in so save that little scrap for another project let's go ahead and make our little gemstone dangle I've got a sterling silver head pin I'm gonna place onto it one seed bead my pretty amethyst bead and another seed bead and if you look at my sample here I have about three rows of coils here because this was a really a very wiry piece was meant to look nice and wire up so instead of grabbing my wire right where the bead exits I'm gonna go up a little bit just about maybe yeah two millimeters just so I have a longer neck there to wire wrap I grabbed my wire I squeezed to did some of the work for me pull it around and now I think I gather hold it like this with my pliers or I can grab my chain nose I'm just gonna grab my chain nose and then use my fingers to do my wraps when you're happy with your raps so I've got about three there I'm gonna trim my tail and be really careful on this part when you tuck in your tail make sure you're grabbing only your wire and not that seed bead I cracked a seed bead when I did this the first time because I gripped too low and I squeezed so just be cautious of that now we're gonna open up a jump ring this is an open jump ring it has a little slit open at the top gonna grab it on both sides and twist link on our little drop link it around our wire wrapping and close it now what I found I wanna make sure this is closed properly there we go I found gravity helped to keep this in the center so once I put it in the center I kind of played with it a little bit and gravity helped to keep it in the center so I didn't really feel a need to anchor it more because when I was mimicking the movement of wearing it it stayed nice and centered if you want you can do a little extra wire wrapping to anchor it so now we're going to take a second jump ring open it up link it to our now existing jump ring sorry you have to be able to get that little gap there there we go and now link on the earring hook lose a Becca and again I was paying attention to what was my front and back so this will hang properly and let's get it untangled from that little seed bead and we have our little earring so that is what our wire wrapped sterling silver gemstone earring looks like I'll put those side-by-side so we've got both of them so and I really do love that earring hook I think that's a great earring hook for this design and don't forget you can use the same technique on all these other shapes you could do gold-filled you can do the Sterling you could use a bunch of different gemstones all different colors of seed beads really have fun with this design so if you like this video please do check out our other videos on YouTube and subscribe to our Channel and then also visit for all our videos and all of our free projects you

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