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Hi. I'm Andrea, the senior designer here at In today's video I'm going to demonstrate how to do a Square Stitch. Today I'm going to demonstrate how to do a Square Stitch and for demonstration purposes I'm going to use Miyuki four millimeter cube beads in two different colors. Now the reason for using the cube bead is I think it's easier to do square stitch with square beads. But can use any size of seed beads you'd like. I also have a big eye needle and it's exactly how it sounds. It's an needle where the eye runs the entire length. So it's easy to open up and thread which I'm going to do right now. I've got some black wildfire for contrast. Going to thread it through. Pull it through just a little bit and give it a little tug and that isn't going anywhere. So first thing I'm going to do, is I'm going to thread on a stopper bead onto my black wild fire. I want to use a contrasting color though i'm going to pick the yellow bead. Going to thread it onto my end and i will leave a tail as usual, anywhere from six to eight inches. I'm going to take me needle and go back through the stopper bead. And there you have it. Now i'm going to thread on my first row. For the first row I'm going to thread on this iridescent salmon color. I'm going to thread on five beads. Gonna move them all the way down to the stopper bead. This is my first row. Now I'm going to pick up the first bead of my second row which is going to be one of these iridescent blue beads. I'm going to take the last salmon bead, I'm going to hold onto it. What I'm going to do is go through it going the same direction gonig back through that bead. What happens as you can see is that the second row bead, the blue bead sits right on top of that last salmon bead. Going in the same direction I'm going to go through that blue bead one more time. So now I have my second from last salmon bead to work above you do the same thing, you pick up a blue bead going to go back through that second to last salmon bead and then I'm going to go through that blue bead once more. I'm gonna pull tight. Keeping my tension tight the whole time. I'm going to go through the third from last and bead and the third bead in your second row. I'm going to finish this row in this manner and then I'm going to will show you how to turn your work around. So now that I have my entire second row complete what I'm gonna do I'm going to simply flip my work over so you're always working in the same direction. Now that I've done a blue row, I'm going to go back to the salmon color and do exactly how I added on that second row. Each bead of the new row sits directly on top of the corresponding bead of the previous row. Here I've finished three rows and I want to point out that it's important not so much with the square beads becease you can't see the thread is much but if you're working with rounded seed beads you can see the thread in between each bead. So it's very important for this square stitch that you use a similar color thread to your beads or that you use crystal clear thread. I'm just using black so you can see the thread path. So I've finished a couple more rows so you can kind of get an idea of how it's going to look. This is an example of the bracelet that I made incorporating square stitch with stringing. There are several different sections that are square stitched. I've strung multiple rows through those segments. So as you can see there are a lot of fun things you can do at this stitch. So have fun with it and thanks for watching. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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