How to do Brick Stitch with Half Tila Beads

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Designer: Megan Milliken
In this video, you will learn how to do brick stitch bead weaving with Miyuki Half Tila Beads. This is a more advanced technique that will be easier if you are already familiar with traditional brick stitch. This technique will also work with CzechMates Brick Beads.
Audio Transcript
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Hi this is Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to do brick stitch with a half Tila Bead this would also work with a super-duo brick. I just I'm going to show you on an half Tila so you can see how to do this project which is the Silver Wave bracelet and the instructions are on our website. So obviously I'm going to be using a big fat black thread so that you can see my thread but this stitch is going to look better if you use a thinner thread like a fire line so that you don't see your thread because it does have thread bridges running between the rows. So in order to do brick stitch with these two hole beads you need to already know how to do brick stitch traditionally. So if you don't know how to do brick stitch I recommend not only watching that video but learning how to do it first this is a little bit more of an advanced technique so it is going to be extremely helpful if you know how to do regular brick stitch doing brick stitch with these beads you're going to treat each hole as a new bead just like with the regular brick stitch I'm going to start with ladder stitch and I'm going to treat every hole like a new bead so I'm going to start by going right around through the single bead back down and pick up a new bead and I'm going to do a piece that's three beads wide through the next hole just like it's a new bead pick up my third bead and don't forget to go ahead and go all the way through to the end hole because you will need that thread bridge to build off of weave back through to stabilize that now we're ready to start the brick stitch. As you know brick stitch is going to move back and forth a little bit. So right here on our bracelet you can see that I take advantage of that fact and I move in one direction for a few rows and then I changed direction so in this particular bracelet I've moved five rows I did my row of ladder stitch, then four rows of brick stitch for five rows in one direction and then I added four rows in a new direction, change direction, four rows change direction, four rows. So if you wanna do this pattern thats how I achieved that. So just like when you start a row of regular brick, you pick up two beads you're going to pick up one bead but you're going to use both holes so pick up your bead and go through one hole and then back down through the second hole. Then you're going to go through your first thread bridge which is between the two holes of that first bead and then go back up through your second hole, pull that snug you can see it jogs out to the right pick up another bead and go through the next thread bridge back up through the bead just like you used to and now that next hole is like a new bead go down through, catch the next thread bridge and back up to the hole now add a last bead third bead, through the next thread bridge and then on the second hole I'm gonna go through that last thread bridge on there so that's your first row of brick stitch on top of the ladder when you flip it over, instead of moving back the other way right away, you want to continue in that direction so whereas usually if you want to move forward in that way you would pick up your beads, your two beads and then skip the first thread bridge, go through the second I'm gonna go up through and back down through both holes and then just like you would, skip the first thread bridge, go through the second and now generally in brick stitch you would need to go back around these to snug them up and have them sit tight. This one's gonna sit fine because it's connected. So I'm just going to go on just like in a standard brick stitch, your last bead, so your last hole is going to actually just go through the hole below instead of on a bridge and then go back up through here. Now usually in brick stitch you'd go through the third hole, back down the second and out through the end on this one if you're using a nice thin thread because it's just one bead over you can just go ahead and cheat and go through that last hole that's what I did on this one, it's worked out fine. So your just gonna continue like that. I've shown you how to have your row go to the right and how to have your row go to the left. So continue alternating back and forth to continue in one direction and then just switch to the other direction when you're ready to change direction and that's how you do brick stitch with a half Tila bead. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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