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Hi this is Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to zip up a piece of peyote stitch so first I'm going to show you what I mean by that. When you zip up the piece of peyote you're creating a seamless join so I have here a channel bangle that I have added peyote stitch to the outside on and you can't tell where my end and my beginning was because I zipped it closed Here's another example of a different way you could use it when you're making a beaded toggle bar you make a little piece of peyote you zip it into a tube and also adding a peyote slider bead onto a Regaliz bracelet here. I zipped it did up you can see my seam just because my pattern didn't quite match up at the back. Again you can only tell because of the pattern when you have a major piece of peyote stitch I'm not gonna cover how to do the peyote in this video. We do have a video on how to do flat even count peyote and how to do flat odd count peyote I'm just gonna go over just how to attach them I have used two different colors here so you can see the ends. What you're going to do is with your needle still attached just going to go make sure that your ends match up. You wanna finish with the rows so that they can fit into each other kinda like the teeth of a zipper go across to the other side and go through the up bead, the high bead, the ones that are setting up towards you if you're zipping a really long seam you need to keep your work tighter as you go through If you're doing something shorter you can always snug it up at the end. Then you're going to come back to the left side and go through the up bead, a high bead there back to the right side and continue back to the right side and continue all the way down make sure that you don't go over your thread there that you don't get it twisted up go all the way through your last bead there. Once you pull through I'm going to gently pull that snug. You can see that it joins seamlessly right there now one last thing at the end you can see the little thread bridges between the beads, it's gonna be holding them together and right here we don't have one yet you need to go ahead and complete that last thread bridge and when you are tying off and weaving in your threads end you're gonna be weaving through anyway and we do have a video that shows you how to do that called How to Tie Off and Add New Thread in Bead Weaving. If you're not familiar with how to do that stuff go and watch the video but I'm just going to show you that. You do want to make sure before you tie your knot that you do weave through some of those beads at a diagonal so that you get that last thread bridge and you connect those beads and then you'll be able to just tie off and weave in your ends as normal and that's how you join two ends of peyote and zip them up Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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