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Hi this is Megan with I am going to show you how to bead weave an edge onto flat silver silk I have here an example of using this technique on this one I have done a pico beaded edge with regular seed beads and with Rizo beads in the center. So I'm just gonna show you how to do this. It's really pretty simple if you've ever done beaded edge on bead embroidery. It's gonna be exactly the same technique It uses brick stitch. If you're familiar with brick stitch then that'll come in handy here. So what I have here are some 11/0 Toho seed beads just round seed beads. Try to use a more uniform bead like a Toho or a Miyuki to get a nice uniform edge. You're not really going to be able to see as close in as it takes to be able to see through the holes in the silver silk but if you're looking at a piece of silver silk in your hands you can see that there's a little edge row along both sides so that's what we're going to stitch through. The first thing to do is to pick up a bead and go through just that one little spot on the very edge and pull your thread through, weave yourself a six to eight inch tail Hold your thread down. Now you're going to take your needle and go back up through the bead facing away from the edge of your silver silk and pull snug and that is the first bead and also how you do brick stitch. So we're going to continue along you can do this as just a plain standard flat edge go ahead go in through your next loop. Make your tail thread goes the other way you going to go backup through the bead away from your silver silk and this is one of those kind of things the same as when you're doing like a circular brick stitch where you're going to need to space your beads where they fit so if you need to go through the same loop on the edging twice in order to not have a gap in your beads you're going to do that if you need to skip a loop in order to not crowded your beads you can do that. So you wanna pay attention to the spacing of your beads and see how they're fitting. So this is gonna be the plain edging here I've just been going through one and it's fitting pretty well but if you found them to be crowding or gapping you'd wanna adjust. These look like they might start to gap if we didn't go through one of them again. So just pay attention as your spacing and then to form a pico edge you're going to do the same thing but instead of picking up one seed bead you going to pick up two when you go through the loop. When you go back up to the bead you're only gonna go back up through the one. When you pull that snug that other extra seed bead is going to pop up and form the little pico pick up two beads go through the next loop back through just the last bead and there's your pico one more time pick up two beads go back through the last one and pull snug and now the only difference on this center portion of this necklace that I have made here is that instead of using all seed beads I've used a Rizo bead. Which is a pretty little drop shaped bead and what you'll do is pick up the Rizo bead and then pick a seed bead go through the loop and when you go back up through the last seed bead and pull tight you gonna have the little longer drop the Rizo is gonna be the pico. On this necklace to give them a little bit of space I alternated between having the pico be a seed bead and a Rizo bead. So I would just do between, pick up 2 seed beads For the next one pick up a Rizo and a seed bead and you can really experiment with different kinds of bead and different shaped beads on this and do whatever you want and try it out to see how it looks to give yourself a different kind of edge along the silver silk. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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