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hi this is megan with the free project section of our site at beadaholique and there are many many ways to embellish a beaded bezel so this is just specifically how to do this style right here so the first thing you're going to want to do is to weave your bezel and we do have a video how to weave a basic beaded bezel that shows you how to weave the bezel around the Rivoli I have a 16 millimeter Rivoli in this necklace and I've woven the bezel using size 10 and 11 Meucci delicas so I have four rows of size ten around the outside it's 32 beads around and then on the back side I have two rows of the 11 O's and on the front I have just one so go ahead and watch that video if you don't know how to do that step and get that part ready and then we're going to just do the embellishment here so this pendant the embellishments are created using four millimeter swarovski pearls and czech glass o beads and then I also have just a few of my eleven o delicates and I have a jump ring here and those are going to be for hanging a pendant so you should still have a good amount of thread left on your needle go ahead and weave around until you come out from the second row of ten o delicas closer to the back so here I have one two rows there so we're going to come out there you can start anywhere we don't have a top or a bottom yet and the back row here is just for loops that cover the whole of the back there so what we're going to do is pick up one purl one o bead one purl one o bead one purl one Oh bead and another pearl so you should have four pearls and three Oh beads then you're going to skip three beads all in the second row there so that's one two three and you'll go through the fourth go ahead and pull that snug I'm just going to repeat that three more times four pearls 300 beats skip one two three go through the fourth bead and pull snug and you do want to also watch and make sure that euro beads are sitting flush between your other beads they'll work like little spacers but they can also pop up out of position so go ahead and make sure those are sitting right there's another group one two three go through the next bead and one more okay and now we're going to skip our three beads and go back through the first bead that we were exiting out of so when you pull that tight you'll see you have your little quatrefoil kind of design and it covers the whole background row there now we're going to work up and work just going to go into the next row we're going to be building the top layer on the second row from the front so these two layers are right next to each other and the top row you have a little bit smaller spaces like loops and then you're going to have some space between them so just kind of make it more varied so if we want to go ahead and call that row the top what we're going to do is we're going to find the center of the top and you want to come out of the next bead over to the right so I'm just going to weave through until I'm where I need to be and don't forget when you're weaving through peyote stitch you always want to zigzag back and forth to follow the path of the beads that already has thread you don't want to make a new path when you can avoid it okay so here's my top there's my Center and I'm now coming out of that next bead and the second row of ten I was back and now for these loops we're just going to use one purl one o bead one purl one obey'd one purl so we're going to have three pearls and two o beads for these and on these ones we're only going to skip two instead of skipping three beads so we'll skip one two then go through there and now we need to do a little jog over to get to where we want to start again you're just going to go weave over to the next bead in that second row back and continue with three pearls into Oh beads and skip one two and then we've over to the next bead and we'll add another embellishment there skip one to go through the third we've over to the next bead and then we're going to add our last embellishment here so you'll skip one two and go through that next bead all right and that is it for this embellishment here so now I'm just going to weave back around to add the little hanger there so I don't want to do that while I'm leaving because I want it to be a really strong bridge so I'm going to go back after I've added the embellishment and add the hanger part to it so I'm going to go ahead and go back to the back here so that I can see better to weave through and any one of these can be the top so I'm just going to go to the one that's next and most convenient you're going to weave through can be a little bit tricky you're going to come out of the same bead that your loop is coming out of your bead loop and then and go back around to go up through those beads you'll go up through one purl one o bead and one pearl now you're going to pick up to 11 o seed beads and you're going to take take a jump ring and this is not a close to jump ring so you want to make sure that you have your clothes jump or your open jump ring all the way closed so that the thread doesn't just pull right through it I'm going to go through this a couple of times so it should it should be fine on the open jump ring and I do want to be able to get it onto my necklace so pick up two more seed beads so you have a total of four seed beads and a jump ring and then you're going to skip the O bead and go back down through the pearl Oh bead and pearl okay and don't feel the need to pop that jump ring out of the beads it can sit right in the beads that's a little bit stronger if it comes out that's okay if it stays in there it's nice and snug now I'm going to go through the anchoring seed bead and now I am going to change my thread path because I'm going to go and turn and go back the other way so if you're going to do that you always want to go directly to the bead below and that way your thread path will sync between the two rows and you still won't see it I'm going to do is weave back over and go through that whole thing again to make sure that it's nice and strong just this part not the whole whole thing just the part that's hanging the jump ring and again when we get to the end you're going to want to be going coming out of the bead directly below the bead you want to turn around and go back through so that you can do your turn again turn around go up through that bead and then we're just gonna go right back through again so up that side through the seed beads make sure you get through all four and then right back down the other side okay now what we're going to do is go ahead and weave through and you're just going to tie off and weave in your ends and we do have a video on how to do that if you're not familiar on how to tie off and weave in your ends when you're bead weaving and as you can see this is actually as far as beaded bezels go a pretty quick and simple one because it uses some larger materials but it does give a really interesting and eye-catching appearance so that is how you make the embellishments on the shady Glade pendant you

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