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Hi, this is Kat with and of thing like that that your loom will not allow you to make a long enough piece so I'm going to show you how to do that and I just want to let you know that I used the Rick's loom to create both my pieces here and I have them separated and when I was working I just made sure to keep the pattern going because I attached my nice little slide end clasps to either side you'll see and I just wanted to make sure that when I brought them together that the pattern matched up so I'm going to show you very easily how to attach that together so for this I'm using a size twelve beading needle I'm going to just use the NEEMO size D which is what I used on my entire loom piece and then I just wanted to show you really important things you can see how long these are here they're about nine inches or so each almost ten inches I guess and this is all the beads that I use and I just want to show you because we get a lot of questions of how many beads will I actually need everything that you need will be listed at but I just wanted to show you exactly how many beads you'll have of each color leftover now obviously I have a lot more of the white eads but just to kind of give you a rough idea on how many were used in this particular project okay so let's get to the important part of this video and I'm going to show you how to attach it so what I've done is I've weaved in all of my other threads all but one on one side because this is the only thread that I'll need and this is the only one that I'll actually need to be working with so it's attached to this slide here so I'm just going to go through and just thread all the way through this entire row and bring my thread together and it'll just kind of scooch up there now I'm going to go back through but not all the way through on this side so I'm just going to pick it up to try to show you I'm going to go back through only about two beads or so and I'm going to pull that snug so I get a nice seam and it's nicely joined there now I still have a gap so what I'm going to do is I'm basically going to just like in peyote I'm just going to kind of zip it up just by going a little zigzag pattern so I'm coming out of the second bead there I'm going to go down into this third bead on the blue go over about two and you'll notice that the thread kind of disappears in there you'll still have those little tiny thread bridges on the edge but you won't be able to see those when we finish here so then I'm going to go up into the other row and go through the next two beads and just pull tight keep that nice and snug and just repeat on the other side here go down into the two blue beads and up through the next row and you'll have a lot of thread in these beads so just be careful not to just sort of poke through because you don't want to be ripping your threads but it'll it should lay nicely once you're finished okay and then we're going to go back down through and I'm actually going to go through the last three beads here and now you can see it's joined up the patterns seamless you do still have tiny little thread bridges but once you're finished you really won't be able to tell so now my last step is I'm going to go through the last row here maybe about four beads in or so you know I'll go one more okay and I'm just going to go down through one of the thread bridges and make just a little knot and just keep going and pull that nice and snug and you'll be able to feel the beads kind of roll around so you can sort of squish them together and make sure that it makes it nice nice line there for you so I'm going to make one more little knot here just go down and grab that thread bridge and one last little knot I'm just going to go through one more bead right here now go all the way to the end which is one more bead now I'm just going to take my scissors you can also use a thread zap if you like and just cut nice and close and there you have it there is your nice long loom piece and now you can make a wrap bracelet or in this case I've made like a lanyard so that's how you do it it's very simple you just kind of zip up those pieces you can go back through several times if you feel that's not secure it's just sort of personal preference just be aware that you'll have a lot of thread going through that little area so you can make it as strong as you like I mean this is pretty pretty strong so there you go so any questions on that just leave it in the comments below but this project and all of its contents will be listed at you

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