How to Bead Weave a basic flower using the Kheops Par Puca Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video, you will see just one of the many ways you can bead weave with the Kheops Par Puca Triangle Beads. Using Toho 11/0 seed beads and Czech Glass O Beads, you can weave a fun flower bracelet. Perfect for beginners.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with out our key ops they're really cute and they're just little triangle shapes and I've gone ahead and thread them onto two head pins or two eye pins here excuse me um just to show you kind of how their holes are drilled so that you have two holes kind of at the bottom there and then two holes coming out the sides of the tip right there so I just wanted to do something nice and simple so I did this bracelet and it's these little units of little flowers and I'm also going to be using the eleven o tuhoe seed beads as well as the Oh beats and these are czech glass so this is the bracelet that i made and it's just these little sort of floral units that I made with the key opps and I'm just gonna show you how to do that in this video here so to complete this you're gonna need some fireline and today I'll be using the smoke just so it shows up a little bit better in the video but I did use crystal to complete my project here I have a size twelve beading needle a pair of scissors and here I have five millimeter 20 gauge closed jump rings and then like I said I have the Toho 11 nose Mikey ops you'll need six for each unit and then the czech glass o beads so let's go ahead and get started so I've already thread my needle with about two to three feet you don't really need that much with my fireline so what I'm gonna do first is like I said the key apps are drilled in a very specific way so what you're gonna do is you're gonna go down through one of the top top holes there that's near the point so I'm going through that hole right there and just go ahead and thread that on leave yourself a little tail and now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pick up one o bead and three seed beads and one more o bead and I'm gonna go down through that second hole right there so I'm coming up through and making sort of a little unit like so and now pull that tight I'm going to repeat that and go down through another the same way down through that same hole and go ahead and thread that down and you'll see how it'll kind of just sit and start to turn make sure that your two holes on the bottom are coming out here so now I'm going to pick up one OBD three seed beads and I'm actually gonna pick up one of my close jump rings and then one more o bead and go back down through that hole right there and pull tight and you just want to keep it tight don't worry if it's a little flimsy it will end up tightening up tightening it up at the end and repeat the process go down through the side hole there and you're gonna pick up 103 seed beads and one o bead going back down through that second hole pulling that in nice and tight repeat again down through a side hole and 103 seed beads 100 bead down through and just want to kind of tighten that up and now you'll see that I'm coming around to where that other jump ring was so you're gonna want your jump rings to lay across from each other so when I pick up this next key ops same way pick up on the side whole 103 seed beads now I'm gonna pick up my jump ring and one more OB going back through so it lines up pulling that nice and tight and on my last one here and pick that up and slide it down one Oh bead three seed beads one Oh bead and down through that last hole there and now you'll notice that my threads have kind of come together right here so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna take them and tie a simple overhand knot and that I'll just sort of tighten it all up and bring it together pull tight I'm gonna do another knot just for security and you'll notice that it's now a nice tight little unit now you can go back through and follow the thread path if you want to give it a little bit more security or what you can do at this point is you're just going to snip off those ends go ahead and set that aside and now what you're gonna do is you're just gonna beat we've another unit and you'll notice I just set this up for you you'll notice that each unit shares a jump ring so as you weave you'll start with one and when you do your second one you'll use that jump ring when you come around to your second unit here so you'll actually you won't be connecting these with an extra open jump ring you could if you wanted to but I have chosen to sort of add-on and bead weave and add the units as such and when you get to the end that's when you'll add on your open jump rings in your class so there's just a fun little way to bead weave a flower using the key up spar Puka beads and I hope you enjoyed this video and you can find more videos at you

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