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Hi, this is Kat with wheel rings so I just want to let you know that this is what we're gonna be doing this is what the helm chain looks like today you can see I've chosen three different colors and it really shows off that weave so you have those copper colors in between and the gold ones sort of connecting everything with my silver rings and if I flip it on the side there you'll sort of notice that those copper rings are sandwiched in there so it can give kind of a really fun little dynamic chain so especially like I said if you're using those kind of different colored rings so I'm gonna go ahead and do that today and for this I have two different colors but these are both the same they are both an 18-gauge 15 64 inch inner diameter and they are 5.95 millimeters so these are both exactly the same size and then for my small one here this is a 20 gauge and it's 1/8 of an inch and it's 3.18 millimeters so that's what I'm working with today what you're basically just gonna need is two of the same size ring and one of the smaller rings and then I also have two pairs of my walrus pliers here I do recommend getting the bent chain nose ones especially if you do a lot of chain mail it just kind of makes it a little bit easier to grip and hold but it's up to you all you just need is two pairs of pliers so let's go ahead and get started now as you can see I've sort of pre closed and pre opened some of my rings so the silver rings that I'm using I've pre closed those because I won't be needing to open any of them the inner rings the copper rings I've pre-opened those and then my gold rings are also pre opened as well so to begin go ahead and grab your pliers and we're just gonna pick up one of those gold open rings and I'm going to slide on four silver closed rings oops make sure it gets on there and then go ahead and close that up and you'll want to make sure that your chainmail rings are nice and flush so that they sit nicely so I have one gold ring on for silver closed rings so far so I'm going to take another gold ring and what I'm going to do is I'm going to loop it onto all four of those silver rings one two three and four and this will be really tight but it'll open up in just a second I want to make sure you get all four of them on there there we go and now I have my two rings and all I'm gonna do is like I said just sort of open that up so this is what I have now I have two of my silver rings and two of my silver rings and two of the gold rings in the center so go ahead and take another gold ring and all you're going to do is hook it on to two of the silver rings now and close that up and repeat with one more gold ring slide it on to those two rings and again just make sure that those are nice and tight so now this is what I am working with two gold to silver to gold to silver so the next step is that we're going to start adding those copper rings to the center now again on this little sample piece I have you'll see that they're sandwiched in between there but those copper rings are not actually going through any of the other rings they're just sitting in between there so I'm gonna do that in this next step and don't worry if you can't see I will it'll become a little bit clearer as we work a little bit further forward so I'm just going to kind of describe to you what I'm doing with this copper ring so I'm gonna go ahead and just pick up my work and what's gonna happen is I'm going to get that copper ring through the center there make sure it loops around without actually catching any of the other rings and then I'm going to draw it up and then make sure that none of them are caught in there and then close up that ring and let's just check to make sure I did it right yep so it's sandwiched in between there and it's not caught in any of the other rings so I'm going to repeat that and also again you'll be able to see it a little bit better but before you add another copper ring you're going to need to add it to more of the gold rings here and add on two more silver rings before closing that up and again pick up another gold ring and you're going to go through all four of those silver rings and now flip those down and we're ready to add our next copper ring so go ahead and pick up one of your open copper rings and now you'll see that it'll separate just a little bit better because we have this one already sandwiched in there so you can kind of see that little hole which so that first one is really just the trickiest one so go ahead and take your ring and you're going to go through the two silver rings there and then before you close it on this side make sure that that silver ring on the top is not caught in your copper ring there we go so you can kind of see that I've gotten it sandwiched in there so now I'm going to go ahead and close that up and flip my work back over so just because it's a little hard to see I'm going to do that one more time for you I'm going to move a little bit faster there so I have my two gold rings that I'm going to add on on this side and I'm going to add on my two silver rings one more goal during around all four of those silver rings and then just flip that work down so I have my two silver rings now and again I'm just going to pick up one copper ring and I'm gonna make sure that these guys are to the side and I'm gonna thread it down and through making it fit in that little sandwich space there put a little cot sometimes it's easier to go from the other direction so if you're having trouble you can always try that so go through there and again make sure that I'm not catching any of those silver or gold rings and then just close that ring up so it's nice and flush and you're on your way to your Helms weave so this is just a really simple way to sort of get started with chain mail I know it does seem a little bit difficult but it's actually one of the easier weaves so it's a good little introduction for yourself you can find all of these supplies and more chain mail videos at you

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