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Hi, this is Kat with today s to make a bracelet and then we're going to be using two pliers today I have a chain nose plier and a bent nose plier as we work you'll see why I recommend the bent chain nose pliers then for my rings today I'm just going to show you the package I'm using an 18 gauge 7 and 30 seconds inch and an inner diameter of 5.5 six millimeters now this works really good for this type of weave so I recommend starting with this one it's a great one so as you can see I've already sort of pre opened some of my rings and pre closed some of my rings it's just a good way to kind of prepare your table when you're doing chainmail that way once you get into your weave you're just ready to keep going and you don't have to worry about stopping to open more and close more that are you know nice and sealed and tight okay so let's get started so you're going to start with three closed jump rings and one open ring so go ahead and pick up your open ring and now we're just going to pick up all three of our closed jump rings here just go ahead and place them right on there and just close that jump ring up now here's an important step so when you go ahead and you place it down what you're going to want is you're going to want to jump rings facing one way but this third jump ring in the back you're going to want to flip him over just like that so that you actually have your three jump rings one two three and your fourth which is connecting them right there and you see that okay so now the next step is to take a closed jump ring and an open jump ring your closed jump ring you're going to go ahead and set just behind there because now we're going to take our open jump ring and now we're working with this ring this ring and this ring and we're going to connect them using that open jump ring and you're going to go through the center there and come around and pick it up now I'm going to do this and you might not be able to see but just hold tight because as I weave a little bit further it'll be easier for you to see what I'm doing so okay so now let me just try to space that out and show you what I did so I now have these three connected by this ring and these three connected by this ring so now I'm just going to repeat so you're going to take another closed jump ring kind of just slide it behind there so you're able to pick it up nice and easy take an open jump ring and now we're going to slide it through arrange that slide it through here through this opening right here and down and making sure to pick up that other jump ring and just kind of pulling my jump ring through here and closing it and now making sure this jump ring lays forward because you're going to want it to weave in a certain way so I'm going to do a few more just so you guys can kind of get the hang of it and also you can sort of see take your closed jump ring slide it behind take an open jump ring and you're going to thread it down through picking up the first two rings and then sliding it around and making sure that third ring gets gets on there pulling your jump ring through one make sure it gets onto this jump rings sometimes you just got to wiggle it in there with your fingers and now I can go ahead and pull it through okay so you see where it's attached there to all three and now I'm just going to take the pliers and close it up and you'll notice it's getting a little flipped so I just need to make sure that this last jump ring here sits behind so I'm just going to wiggle it with my finger there and there you go now when you start doing this for bracelets like we see in this one here what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to leave a little starter piece for yourself it'll make your work a lot easier so this might be my starter piece and then I'll just keep adding from here and when I get the length of a bracelet that I want i'll unattach it from here and then I'll have my nice clean bracelet but I'll always have this starter piece so that if I ever want to go back and do another three in one chain maille that's how I'm going to do it so just to show you here on the bracelet when you come to the end and let me just go ahead and flip this over so you'll see how it sort of looks it is different on both sides it does just lean a different way some say it will the right leaning or left leaning and that goes with these jump rings here on the bottom so you'll just see that they kind of flip around and go the other way so for my purposes here what we're going to do is I just want to show you really quickly how to attach this jump ring and the clasp here because you're going to have sort of an odd number of jump rings at the end so we're just going to show you how to do that real quick so to attach our lobster clasp what I'm going to do actually is I'm going to take this jump ring that is actually already in there I'm going to open it up and I'm going to take it out okay so I've taken that out of my weave now I'm going to put these two together and I'm actually going to take that same jump ring and just attach it to both and now I'm going to attach the clasp this is just an easy way to sort of finish it and to make sure that you don't have sort of you don't have that sort of hanging ring as if you just try to attach it to the last one there so let me just adjust this so you can kind of see just how it sort of has ended that way it's a little bit it's nice and clean it doesn't look like it's hanging off or anything like that and you're just going to do a very similar thing on the other side because if you try to as you can see as I pull it if you just leave that last ring you have this sort of hanging ring that won't attach properly so you're just going to do a similar thing on this side taking this last ring here and detaching it so that when you reattach it what you're doing here and they flip nice around for you so what you're doing is you're just attaching this ring to the last two so just picking that up and that way when you go to clasp your bracelet you don't have that hanging one and that's just for this weave if you're doing it in another fashion you'll be able to you know sort of adjust as you need but there you go that is how to do the chain maille three and one half Persian be sure to check out all of our chainmail videos and you can find all of these supplies at you

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