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Hi, this is Kat with and make another and then you're going to zip it up basically using the jump rings now I've used two different colors here they are both 20 gauge and just to show you what I'm working with here I've chosen the 20 gauge the inner diameter is 1164 s-- and the outer diameter is 4.37 now even though I'm using two colors they are both identical so just to let you know you can use one color if you like but I just thought it would be nice for you guys to kind of see the see the pattern here in that in the two colors so that's what we're going to be doing we're going to be making another piece like this so I'm going to be using the silver rings for the center line there so I've gone ahead and opened all of these because these will be my open jump rings and then I have my gold jump rings here that I've gone ahead and closed up nice and tight because these I won't need to open for the project and for my tools today I have a baby Weber's and I have the bent chain nose and I just really like the way it sort of fits in my hand because you will be working a lot with opening and closing jump rings obviously so I've chosen the baby webber's for my dominant hand my right hand and then I have a regular-sized webber's for my left hand just to give me just that little extra leverage as I'm opening my jump rings so I did just want to give you a quick refresher I do have a closed silver jump ring here that I'm going to need opened so I'm just going to place it in my pliers and just go ahead crank it and open it and that's all you have to do to open your jump rings so if you'd like I'll give you a moment and you can get this set up and then we'll begin our six and one European chain maille okay so to begin go ahead and take your plier and go ahead and pick up and arrange that one open silver jump ring and what we're just gonna do is we're just gonna pick up six because it's six and one jump rings that are gold and then I'm just going to take my pliers and just close that jump ring and now I'm going to set it down and sort of rearrange it so that it looks like it has three on one side and three on the other just sort of rearrange that there so that it lays just like that okay so you see how I have one two and three and then one two and three so now I have two more closed jump rings I'm gonna pick up one of my open jump rings and I'm just going to pick these two up you can just pick them up and place them on there too you have to try to scoop them so what I'm gonna do now is I have two on my jump ring here and I need to pick up the back four so the one and two and then one in two so I'm going to try to show you this and I'm gonna do it a couple times so I'm just going to go through and pick up just the back two and come around and pick up these two on this side and now I can just sort of pick that all up and rearrange my pliers so I can easily close that jump ring nice and tight and now I'm going to need to try to carefully lay it out again and just sort of show you how it'll fall open go so now I have two so I have eight on one side eight on the other side and two in the center so I'm going to do it again and I'm going to have two more closed jump rings taking one open jump ring picking these two up and now again I'm working with the back four so I'm going to go through and just try to scoop up these two in the back here just the two and these two on this side and lift it up and go ahead and close that jump ring and I find that it is best to continually kind of lay everything down I know some people who can just sort of do it all at once but I need to sort of make sure that my rings are always flipped the right way you don't want to get halfway through and then realize that you have a kink in your chain maille so one more time I'm just going to take my two closed jump rings one open jump ring scoop them up and now going to go through yeah yeah I'm gonna start from this side this time just to show you a little different way to do it yeah biggest lesson with chainmail patience there you go so I got all four on there you can kind of help it out with your finger make sure that all your rings are there you notice I'm kind of holding it funny so I'm just gonna grab it and then just sort of rearrange my plier so I can get a nice clean flush clothes on that jump ring there and then one more time just gonna set that back down and you'll notice it starts to splay out a little bit nicer every time so now what I'm gonna do is I'm actually going to take the piece that I started earlier and just place it right next to it so now you'll see how we're going to zip everything up so again this is six and one obviously so you're going to now be working with the front three jump rings on each side so you're going to take one silver jump ring and you don't need any more of the gold ones you're just going to kind of scoop up and make sure that you get this through the three on this side one two three in the front and then I'm just going to pick that up because I got my rings already and then one two three on that side and the first one is the hardest but you'll see that now I'm just gonna close the jump ring and lay it back out and you just got to kind of flip it around a little bit and you'll notice that it is starting to be sort of zipped up these guys around now I recommend when you do make your bracelet that you do make a much longer length that makes it a little easier to work with but I'm just going to show you again here is one more silver jump ring and now the six that I'm going to be working with it's going to be not the first one but the second one two three and over here the same not the first one but the second one two and three so this is where it gets a little tricky and I'm going to try to show you a couple of times so I'm going to go back through and pick up this first one second one and the third one and then looping around picking up one two and three there we go making sure that I have six on my silver ring go and just flip that back over and lay it out one more time you can see a little bit of how it's developing and it's very simple to do once you kind of get it going again just make two long strips so taking one more of our open silver jump rings I am going to pick up three from one side and three from the next one two three and leaping around picking up the next three on the other side one two and three getting my pliers in there rearranging a little bit there we go and just closing that up so you're just gonna continue in that manner again making too long pieces and then zipping them up and when you have gotten the link that you desire I will be here to show you how to add a clasp and I'm going to be back to show you that as soon as I finish my piece so now that I've come to the end of my European six and one chain mail piece I'm going to show you quickly just how to add a tube clasp now you can see on the first side here I've already gone ahead and added it and basically what we're going to be doing is we're going to be adding one gold jump ring to the last two in each row so there's going to be four of them so I'll show you on this side how to do that same tools you're just gonna pick up one open jump ring and I've actually opened these four already for myself and I'm just going to get it in there and scoop up the two on the end and now I can go ahead and pick that up string on my tube clasp making sure it's going the right way and just close up that jump ring and now I'm just going to lay it out one more time just to make sure that I get the right ones taking my second jump ring I'm going to scoop up the last two gold in the second row and making sure it is turned the right way getting that second loop on there I'm just cruising it lay it down just make sure that all your rings are flipped the right way see I gotta go in and flip this guy around make sure that he's facing right way pick up another jump ring grab the last two here in that third row slip on the tube clasp let's jump ring and one last time again just making sure that my rings are flipped the right way there we go and picking out those last two they're just the two slipping on my tube clasp and closing that last jump ring and then we are all done if you have any questions just leave it in the comments below but this is how to do a basic 6 & 1 chainmail bracelet and you can find all of these supplies and tools at you

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