How to Make Scrabble Tile Magnets using Magnetic Tape

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Designer: Julie Bean
Scrabble tile magnets are great because you can spell out all sorts of words and phrases with them. This video shows you how to quickly and easily make scrabble tile magnets using magnetic tape.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and magnetic tape so these are really fun because of course with Scrabble tiles you can spell different things out on your fridge so they're really perfect for magnets which I love and they're really quick and easy to do as well so you're going to need to Scrabble tiles and you're going to need magnetic tape magnetic tape comes in a couple different widths here is a one inch one and a half inch and we're going to be using the 1/2 inch and what's ideal about magnetic tape for this project is that it has an adhesive back so I'm going to show you how quickly and easily you can make these magnets you're going to need a pair of scissors any old household scissor will do I do recommend that you don't use your best sewing scissors for this project but if you just have some utility scissors or just household ones they will work great and you're gonna need a pen so go ahead lay out some of your magnetic tape and we're just gonna get a rough measurement doesn't have to be exact we just want to see about how long we need to cut this so I'm just gonna make an mark on the top of the tape it could be a little hard to see cuz pens don't write too well on this white backing but I was able to make a mark and now I'm just going to cut it and it cuts very easily so I have a strip I'm gonna peel off the back and it's just a piece of paper and you can see that there's the adhesive right there flip it over and put it on the back of my magnet press it down and just like that I'm done let me do one more just because these are really easy to do so let's just go ahead we're gonna make the word red okay just make a mark where you want to cut cut it peel off the backing flip it over Center it on your tile press it into place and I'm gonna show you real quick this doesn't pop up that's actually a really good adhesive coating on there and that's a tear do you don't really have to worry about it coming off so we just made the word red of course you can make whatever word do you want and you'll get plenty of tape and plenty of Scrabble tiles when you purchased your supplies at beadaholique you'll be able to make a lot of these either for yourself or to give as a gift you

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