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Hi. This is Julie with and today I'm going to show you how to customize a purse hanger. First off you're need the hardware itself which is this collapsable purse hanger you're right here. The way it works is you put this flat side on the table itself and you hang your purse from the hook and prevents your purse from becoming dirty and having to sit on the floor. What's nice about this because is it has a well which you could fill with a decorative embellishment. So it's both decorative and functional. I choose an image from collage sheet of butterflies which I'm going to use. I'm going to cut out this one right here. So you're going to need an image. The other supplies you're gonna need are resin. I'm going to use Gel Du Soleil which is a one part resin. I also have a UV lamp right here. If you're in a sunny climate, you can just go ahead and put it out the sunshine and it will cure on it's own. You're going to need a paintbrush. You're going to need a glue for the image to adhere to the hardware itself. You're gonna need a sealant to coat the image after you've glued it. You can also use Mod Podge or a sealant. It's up to you. You're going to need a pair of scissors to out the image and we need a pad of paper to put you glue and your sealant on. So to begin with let's go ahead and cut out the image. I actually have a sheet here that I aready used a couple images from. Carefully cut a round the exterior of the image. Once you've cut the image out check to make sure it's going to fit into your bezel setting. If you need to trim it down at all go ahead and do so now. Now that we have our image cut out we wanna check it's orientation with the alignment at the purse hanger. So since it's going to hang on a table like this I want my butterfly to be placed in it like so. I'm going to take some glue and put it on a scrap piece of paper. Now you can either use a paintbrush to paint it on the back, the glue or you can be like what I do. I just actually take a little bit on my finger spread out on the back of the image going all the way to the edge making sure I get each corner. I then flip it over place it into your setting. Smooth it out making sure you press down along all the edges. Now we're going to let that dry for about fifteen to twenty minutes. After our glue has dried we're going to go ahead and coat the image in a sealant. I'm going to pour a little bit onto my piece of scrap paper. Taking a paint brush I'm going to paint along the edges first making sure that they're fully coated. Then coat the interior of the image making sure you get all of it. What I'm going to do now is I'm going to let this dry for again another fifteen to twenty minutes and then I'm actually going to come back paint not one more coat but two more coats for a total of three coats of sealant. before I go on to my next step. It's been several hours and we've painted three layers of sealant on top of her image letting them dry between each layer. Now I want to go in and put the resin into my pendant. I'm going to be using Gel Du Soleil. Gel Du Soleil actually comes in two different sizes. You have a large four ounce bottle which is quite a lot of product and then you have a small little one which is point three ounces. I actually really like the small one because you'll notice the applicator tip comes to a nice point as opposed to the large bottle which has a little flip lid like this. What I do is I actually refill the little bottle every time it runs out with the contents of the big bottle. I just found that it's little bit easier for me to work with. But you can do whatever is easier for you. Because of the depth of the setting itself I'm actually going to do several layers of the Gel Du Soleil instead of one layer. So we're just going to go ahead and fill our pendant with the resin. What's nice about Gel Du Soleil is you have a lot of time to work with it because it won't cure until you actually put it in the sunlight or into UV lamp. So I'm going to carefully tilt the purse hanger so that the Gel Du Soleil gets in all the corners. Because I'm not filling this all the way full I actually have that flexibility to gently tilt it. I want to fill it about half full and I've done that at this point and now I'm actually going to let it rest for just a few minutes to see if any bubbles come to the surface. If they do I'm just gonna pop them with a straight pin. We were lucky and no bubbles came to the surface. So I'm gonna take my purse hanger and very carefully holding it even I'm gonna put it into my UV curing light. If you're in a sunny climate you can actually put this on a window sill and it will cure with the natural sunlight as well. The Uv lamp is very convenient because I only to put in here for about fifteen to twenty minutes. So I'm going to let that sit and i will come back to it in about twenty minutes. Our second layer UV resin is now fully cured and your purse hanger is absolutely lovely at this point. It's completely durable and solid. The layer went right to the top. So at this point we could actually be done. You're gonna have a great looking piece. Now if you do you want to go and add one extra step and have a slight domed appearance to your purse hanger I'm going to show you how to do that but definitely feel free to stop right now. You can actually be done and your piece will be absolutely lovely. If you do you want to create a slightly dome effect what you're going to do is do a third layer of the UV resin. The way we're gonna do this is we are gonna start in the middle and very slowly and carefully add the third layer. We have to be careful with this one. That we do not go over at the edge. We're going to want the surface tension of the rim itself hold the resin in place. You'll notice I'm actually not applying their resin to the edge. I'm keeping it in the middle and that's because I want to have the surface tension work with me versus working against me. Now what I'm going to do is take the tip of my applicator of my bottle itself and gently push the resin towards the edge. I need to add a little more so I'm adding it to the middle and I'm going to push. You might want to get down on your knees and look at this from a side view so you see how the resin is doing and if it's doming properly. I'm going to take a step back and look at it from a side view. I actually want it to be a little bit more domed so I'm actually going to add another drop or two to to the middle. You'll probably notice that I have two pretty large bubbles on the top of my resin. I'm just going to take a beading needle or any needle will do and I'm going to pop them. I'm not really pressing that hard. I'm just tapping them lightly and they're going to disappear. I'm going to wait a couple minutes and see if any more bubbles appear. If they do I'm just going to that same process of just tapping them lightly with my needle. You've waited a couple minutes. You've removed any bubbles with that needle if you had anything. Now very very very carefully you're going to keep this completely level and transfer it to your UV light. And we'll be back in twenty minutes to show our final product. That was a quick twenty minutes and we're ready to pull our purse hanger out from under the UV light and see our final product. Here you have a lovely purse hanger custom made by you. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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