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Hi, this is Julie with chain and in this case I'm using purl cup chain onto a Nunn design open frame pendant so here I've used a gold one and in the video I'm going to use a silver so hopefully contrast a little bit with the gold wire I'm using so you can see a little bit better what I'm doing but this is a really simple technique and I think it turns out very pretty and of course you could do this with rhinestone cup chain as well and that'd be very sparkly but I love the pearl so I'm going to do it in terms of what you're going to need is you will need one of these Nunn design open frame pendants you'll need some size 24 pp cup chain and some 26 gauge wire I'm just using a craft wire and then the only tool you're going to need is a pair of cutters so let's begin first you're going to measure out how much of the cup chain you're going to need to do that lay the cup chain on top of the outer edge of the frame pendant and hold that closest little link right there wrap it around okay so hold on to it and wrap it around and then do not cut right where you think you need it go ahead and mark that spot with your fingernail and cut two additional little links and we're doing that because one of the great things about cup chain is you can squish it together or you can expand it and when you're doing the wire wrapping it is gonna squish together a little bit you never quite know how much so it's good to give you a yourself a little bit of extra now we're gonna cut our craft wire in terms of how much you need your you need about 24 inches and I'm just gonna eyeball it you can measure it it's just an estimate 24 inches should be plenty so I'm not going to worry too much about being precise on this one just know you're going to need more than 10 or 12 inches and we're going to start by anchoring our wire onto the frame and to do that we're going to feed the wire through the frame we're gonna have a little tail of about an inch and we're just going to hold that off to the side now we're going to take the end of our wire now we're going to feed it through the middle of the frame pull it you want to try to prevent it from kinking so one of the keys to that is just going slow okay now we pulled it to the front now we're going to take the end of the wire and we're going to go back through that hole okay we're going to pull it right pull it nice and tight and we're going to go back again so now from the back to the front and forward and we're going to do this a total of three times so now I'm going to feed that tail through the loop again and pull it and I am using 26 gauge wire particularly because it's really flexible and that's what I want okay and one more time for that third loop nice and tight okay now pull it to the front again and now we're ready to add our cup chain so hold the link closest to the little loop and now what we're gonna do and the first couple are the trickiest and then it gets really quite easy from there so we're taking the wire which is facing us it's towards the front of the frame now when I loop it over that little metal bridge and now we're going to come around from the back going forward again like I said the first one or two are a little tricky and then once it's on there this goes really quick make sure that this length a cup chain is out of the way so we went over it okay so now we're back in the front and now instead of moving on to the next bridge we're going to go ahead and do one more wrap around this one so from the front to the back over that thread bridge I shouldn't say thread bridge I'm used to bead weaving terms over that metal bridge between the little links of your cup chain okay and then from the back to the front okay and now we're gonna go ahead and go over to the next little link up and over that metal bridge again around to the back this is what we've got now take your wire go from front I mean I'm sorry go from back to front okay and remember we need to do that one other loop over that same bridge because that's anchoring it if we just went like this 1 1 1 1 it wouldn't be very secure so we want to make sure we do that extra little loop every time and now we're ready to go on to the next one so this almost feels like whip stitching and we're just going to do this all the way around let me show you what it looks like I'll do a few more on camera here you can just fast-forward through this if you've already kind of got the hang of it and then what I'll do is I'll finish the other loops off-camera but then come back to show you how to actually finish off the piece at the end you're noticing if you're still watching the video at this point you haven't fast forwarded you notice that this is getting actually quite a bit easier to do the wire it's because that this cup chain is now securely anchored on there I'm ready to do my last link and remember I left two extra ones it looks like I'm just gonna need one of them so I'm gonna snip off this last one but it's better to be safe than sorry okay so we've got one more to wrap we're gonna do it the same fashion as the other ones we go and one more anchoring loop all right so now this is where we started I'm gonna go ahead and take this one short tail that was the beginning tail I'm going to just trim it off now I'm going to take the long tail which we've been doing all of our wrappings with and feed it through the loop and we're going to make three wraps with it the same way we did our starting wraps so there's one just through the loop back and forth - I'm just one more to go and three there we go we pulled it through and down now I'm gonna pull it to the underside and then I'm just going to snip it there we go and we are done so now what I want to do is I want to turn it over so you can see what the wrappings look like on the inside of the frame so they're actually quite pretty they're decorative and so this would look nice as a finished piece you can hang an earring hook on it or you can hang it from a chain you might even want to consider putting a charm or some little focal piece in the middle of it you can find all the supplies including the cup chain the wire and the Nunn design open frame pendants at you

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