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Hi, this is Julie with our of the design so you see I've got the wire wrapping here I've got the wire wrapping up here and now I've got the wire wrapping on the tassel as well it also adds that pump of gold to the tassel so these are really easy to make what you're going to need is some pearl cotton this comes in a lot of different colors you can really have fun picking out your color for your tassel then you're going to need some craft wire this is 26 gauge now for the wire you need about 6 inches and for the Pearl cotton you need about 24 inches so I've pre-cut those lengths and then you're going to need an open jump ring and I have a 5 millimeter open jump ring so let me show you how to do this really simple so you're going to take your pearl cotton and you're just gonna wrap it around your hand so I have grabbed the tail with my thumb and I'm just gonna wrap it around a couple times and pull it off and then I'm gonna pinch the end so I folded it and pinched it then I'm gonna thread that through the center of my jump ring now this is an open jump ring that means it has a slit in it so you can open and close it but it is in the closed position at this point I'm gonna slide this down to the middle fold my pearl cotton in half and pinch it and now I'm going to take my piece of wire again it's about 6 inches and I want to make sure that slit for the jump ring is up top I'm just going to hold the tail again with my thumb and I'm going to wrap the wire around the cotton and I'm actually pulling pretty tight now you can do a messy wrap or you can do a neat wrap so I'm not going to worry about this tail right now but I'm just gonna do several wraps you want to do at least 5 I pulled really nice and tight so now I'm going to take this end and pull it to the back because I want both ends on the same side now I'm just taking my flush cutters trimming my ends and then I'm going to take my chain nose pliers and push my ends into my cotton so that they don't snag and notice it helps secure those wraps so we just wrapped it now we're going to cut the end of our tassel and trim it so cutting through the loops first smoothing it out and you can make this as long or as short as you like I really like these little petite tassels so I'm going to cut it pretty short there we go so we've got our little petite tassel and now if you want to attach it to something like here we've attached it to this quick link that's been wire wrapped with these gemstone beads all you need to do because you did use an open jump ring so you're going to grab the top part of your jump ring on either side of the slit open it slide it onto whatever you want to slide it onto and then just carefully close it and that is all you need to do to make a wire wrapped tassel to coordinate to your jewelry projects you can find the Pearl caught in the wire the instructions for this earring here as well as other projects at you

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