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Hi, this is Julie of beadaholique and in this video i want to show you how to add a milky glazed appearance to charms so here are a couple examples that I've done and these are all Nunn design charms and I love their detail and that's why I wanted to use them for this project but I wanted to alter them a little so here is a Nunn design charm that has not been altered yet you see it's beautiful it's great as it is but I do want to just try something different with it just for a little bit of a different look which is always fun to do so I am going to create this milky glazed top coat and to do that I'm going to be using vintage patina and then also vintage glaze so for this particular project because I'm using this wonderful antique copper charm I want to use this pale purple patina so if you are gonna do this with a different color to get this milky look pick a lighter color white would work a pale blue a pale purple pale pink I think being pale though is the key so this is chalcedony I'm going to use it I'm gonna shake it up and then I'm gonna be using vintage glaze which is a sealer but also a patina extender and it's the patina extender portion of it that we are wanting to take advantage of so I have a just a piece of paper down for my work mat I have a plastic bag to go ahead and pour my glaze and patina on and I have a disposable paintbrush you could use a regular paintbrush if you have it though of course the key to this is really a lot of glaze and a little bit of patina so I made a nice pile of glaze and I'm not going to dab my patina right into it I'm going to put the patina off to the side and just one drop now that was a pretty small drop I was fortunate sometimes I'm gonna be poured out a lot comes out so I'm just gonna take some of that and mix it into my glaze and that's gonna be about the right amount so I was fortunate in that so now we're just gonna paint it over the top of the detail of the charm now you can see it's really light and milky and that's what we really wanted to capture and I'm being generous I'm putting a lot of this on here all right see the fun effect we're getting now to remove some because I feel like I have maybe a little too much right in that corner you can just slide it around or you can go ahead take your paintbrush if you're using paper for your work mat just wipe it on it there you go and that's how you'd remove it so just dip your paintbrush into it pull away off your paintbrush and I like it that we have portions that are a little bit darker and portions are a little bit lighter so we really see that base metal come through so now I'm gonna let that dry and then once it's dry I'm gonna come back into a nice coat of just the glaze alone so it's really shiny like what a glaze would be like if it was a ceramic glaze or something like that I do want that shine so I'm going to set this guy aside just take a little bit more of that before it dries okay now set that aside come back and apply my top coat and then it'll be done so my first coat has dried and that's the one that really gives me that pop of color so now all I need to do is add a top coat of clear glaze just cuz I want to be really shiny so to do that I just put a little bit more on my plastic bag and I'm just going to now paint on the glaze and again I'm gonna be pretty generous because that's the look I'm going for this is not oh something super super fine I like it that it's a little bit of a heavier look to it so there we go we are all done so now I want to give you a comparison before and after so there's what the original charm looked like and here is what the new version I think both are beautiful just very different looks so this just gives you an idea of something you can do to alter some of the jewelry pieces that you might have that you're incorporating into your designs you can find the Nunn design charms you can find a lot of colors of the vintaj patinas and more projects and ideas at you

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