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Hi this Julie from and today I want to show you how to do a standard eight warp Kumihimo braid using long Magatama beads. this is what Magatama beads looks like. You'll see that kind of look like little dagger shapes and they have a hole that goes all the way through and you see that they're very you know they're not irregular in terms of the uniformity between each bead but the shape of the bead itself is kind of this irregular abstract shape which create a really interesting almost scale effects when you Kumihimo it and here's one I've done. Now the basic eight warp braid is the stripes here of the white and the blue and then I went in after the entire bracelet was done and added these little red embellishments by just stitching them into the braid with a needle and thread and this is actually the same technique as used to make a standard eight warp beaded Kumihimo braid using regular seed beads so it's the same process that was used for both these bracelets there's a couple little things that you need to do when you are using the Magatama beads so the first thing you want to do is cut you're super-lon cord or whatever cord you're using. This works really well because it goes nicely through the braid and you'll see I've actually already preloaded my bead onto my bobbins and actually set up my braiding board we have another video and showing you how to do the standard eight warp beaded Kumihimo braid which is in this bracelet here another and it'll go through how to set this up and create a little weight but I want to do the technique and I want to show you the special particularities with the Magatama beads so when you do have your cut length your stringing on your Magatama beads if you were to just to string them like a normal bead just going through the hole just putting a couple on it and because the holes are at an angle if you can see this now I just did them randomly I got actually most of them on the right, going the same direction but then you notice that some are facing the other direction because that hole is at an angle you don't want that. What you want is all your beads to line up and face the same direction as you see here, you can see the difference here at the end we have them going in a different direction and to do that you just got to pay close attention to where your entering from. So here the hole's on top enter through there. Slide down and just match it with all your beads make sure it's all going the same direction and that'll give you a nice uniform look so like I mentioned I do have this already preloaded. I've got 8 strands with my beads on the bobbin I'm going to do this spiral design here as well. So I've got the same color on one end between the 16 and then I've got the same color on that slots between 32 and then over here have got the same color between the 8 and between the 24 same process as any other Kumihimo braid Start by braiding a little bit without beads so we're gonna take the left one up and the right one down and then we're gonna rotate counter-clockwise and then take a left one up the right one down rotate just a repetitive motion and like I mentioned we do have another video on showing how to do the beaded Kumihimo a little more in depth but I wanna show you how to do it with the Magatamas so left up right down rotate do this until we have about a fourth of an inch braided okay I've got about a fourth of an inch braided and you notice when I stopped I stopped with the left strand up that way I have three straids on top and one on the bottom. So if I wanted to put this down right now, walk away, come back to it in a couple hours or a couple days I would know exactly where I left off and I'd know I'd need to pull the right one down so I'm going to rotate it and my first Magatama and this is really important these all face the same direction. That your scales that look like they're all going the same direction flush. So we're going to flip that bead under the next warp it's going to catch and I'm just going to place the strand up to the left like we've done with our regular braiing without the beads so again I'm going to drop the Magatama in there catch you'll notice I'm catching the top of the Magatama with the little dagger is facing outward secure that and I'm just gonna keep dropping the magatama into that well catching the top part of it and underneath the braid next to it and pull the strand up to the top and drop it down and I don't want my dagger to face inward and want it to face outward and catch See this one right here it's trying to face inward. I don't want it to do that so I'm just going to manipulate it a little bit with my finger so that it faces little bit more outward so you can pull it back out let it drop down again and then they will face outward you'll just keep adjusting it until it faces outward It's okay it they face to the side. You just don't want them to face inward So I'm going to keep doing this until I have my desired length and then I will show you what I end up with. This the same process over and over again it's just the repetition of the steps. As you can see I braided quite a bit here. I'm about two-thirds done with my necklace. I would show you what this will look like now. It does look like scales and you can see that all of the daggers or Magatamas are facing downwards and that gives it a really nice uniform look. You can see we got a spiral going because we alternated a matte and a gloss finish I do want to show you if you look carefully up here I actually put a bead on backwards and that is what happens. You can see that if you look closely the tip faces this way instead of facing down it just creates a little bit of glitch. I'm not too concerned about it because it's just one bead but that's why you again want to make sure that you string your beads all in the same direction unless you are going for a more messy look which is totally fine if you do you want to have a nice sleek look to your braid that you will want to have them going in the direction and I'm just gonna continue braiding with the same technique I've been doing this whole time. Just take a bead drop down pull it tight, rotate take a bead, let it drop, to the left then the right goes down drop a bead catch it under that little thread right there go down and rotate and just continue on your way until you have reached your desired length. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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