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Hi this is Megan with and today I want to show you how to weave ultra suede faux leather bead cord through chain and what it's going to do is give you this really interesting solid woven piece. This is what it looks like when you use a round a rolo chain like this. The base here this is what it looked like when I use this flat link oval cable chain. So you can play around with a different types of chain that you use and the different color combinations to make it look different but it gives you a really interesting kind of piece to work in your jewelry making. bees you can see in in this one I've got the links extending pass the ends and in this one I'm just using the woven piece. You just want to make sure when you're going to choose your chain that your chain got links with holes large enough to accommodate the cord. So it's three millimeters wide so you wanna make sure that you have room for that and take into account the space that the other links take up in there too. Another thing to consider is how tight it's gonna fit. This one has plenty of room and its a little bit looser this one is a tight fit and it gives you a really stable sturdy thick piece that will actually kind of keep the shape. You can play around with it and see what you like. I'm going to show you how to do it on flat link oval chain here. What I did was just start with a piece of the faux leather cord much longer than what I thought I would need so that I wouldn't run out. And then determine how you want to use it, how long your pieces of chain will be and how many you want for how wide. Then just you're going to start by going through the top link or if you want it just in the middle then you'll go through the link where you wanna start. On this one I had these long pieces of chain here and I went through one where I wanted it to be on this one. I went through the top of all them except I did have a couple of links extending on the middle piece to use for it to connect to. So just make sure that your going through the link that you want to be when you start and pull it down to the end. You want to leave the tail so it doesn't fly off the end and you want to weave it back in at the end. So once you go through go ahead and flip your piece around and when you're weaving make sure that you grab the cord and you pull it through with your fingers all the way to the end so that you know it's not twisted. Depending on how much room you have if it's twisted you might have to pull it out and put it back in again because you might not be able to get it to spin around very well. The next part is very important because when you're going through your chain links you want to make sure that you're going through all in the same direction so they we'll stagger forty five degrees pointed left poined right pointed left pointed right but they all need to go in the same direction. It's easier to see on this one the way that they all point that way and then they all point that way. If your chain has more room you might be able to get your cord through more than one at a time. If it's a little bit more snug you might need to pull through one link at a time and you can pull through a few inches and keep working. Just make sure that there are going through and facing the same way. Once you go through the last link grab the links firmly so that they stay together when you pull your cord through. You can pull it really tight to condense the links down. They'll lay flat and so they'll condense really close together like I did with these with this one I did leave a little bit of room so that it wasn't totally squished in as small as it could be. So you can decide that too on how close you want your chains to lay together You're going to flip it over and go back through the other way you can see that this time the links are laying the other way. This one is going to the left and this one they're going to go to the right. Again just go all the way through. And make sure as you're going through your links that you pull the rest of the chain down so that the next link sits below you cood there. That will help it lay flat when it's all done. On this kind of chain where your holes are oval I have the cord laying flat along the length of the chain. You can also see that on the rolo chain where the links are round and there is less room along the length I have the suede going through vertically through that hole so it gives it a different look that way too. So you can see you're starting to get that woven look and all you would do is keep flipping it over and working it back and forth through the links in the chain. Then all I did to finish this off was I flipped it to the back and I skipped the first link took my cord through the next link and I pulled it down and added just a dab of E6000 glue here and tightened it. I did a couple more links in the same way. You can see that it does double back about half way. It's glue down nice and tight. It's not going anywhere. We can use these woven pieces for anything you can imagine It's very versatile and that's how you do it. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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