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hi this is Julia beadaholique and in this video I'm going to show you how to take a vintage pendant and really alter it and embellish it with vintaj patinas and lisa Pavelka magic gloss which is a UV one part resin so you can see the before and the after it's really quite easy to do but I think the result is really pretty so I want to show you how to do it here in this video do you have one other example of this piece here this is another piece of vintage where I did a similar technique you can see it really brings out the details and changes the look of the piece quite a bit so I have three pieces here we have the finished example we have one that we're just going to keep the way it is so we have a good before and after and then I'm going to show you on this piece how to do it you're going to need a piece of vintage or whatever piece of jewelry you're wanting to do this technique on is one that is easily adaptable to a lot of different things a vintaj relief block if you are using vintage you have this nice dark natural brass or we're not going to want to pull out the shiny under brass or use a relief block some magic gloss we're gonna be using three different colors a patina we have emerald okra and lapis and then to make them a little bit looser not quite as opaque we're going to be using the glaze as a patina extender to create more of a wash effect and then you're going to need a disposable paintbrush some toothpicks a little bit of water some paper towels something to mix your paints on and then I'm using a UV light as well and then to have on hand I have a business card here that I'm going to be using as a way of transferring my piece to the UV light without actually having to touch it once I put my resin on there because that's pretty important that you don't jiggle it too much so let's begin so first off we really want to pull out the detail of this piece of intosh because it's so pretty as it is but there's a lot happening that we're just not seeing because of how dark it is so we've got a relief block and we're just going to scrape over the top of it like so and you see already just with one swipe how much detail coming out and I really want to pull out a lot of yourself okay so already you see that before-and-after is quite dramatic on this so now we're gonna add some color and like I mentioned I'm just using a disposable paintbrush and just a plastic baggie here as my paint palette I do want to start with the green put a little bit on my baggie and then I am gonna use the glaze as the extender if I applied it just as is with the green it would be quite um I think it's not really the right word it would just be very opaque it'd be very solid so I want it to be a little looser you can already see how that's loosening it up and you want to have a paper towel handy I'm gonna go ahead and just get it ready right here cuz I know I'm gonna be wiping away some of this paint as I go if I want a really subtle effect and I might want even a little bit more glaze if you have a really fine paintbrush of course you could use that as well it might be a little easier to do a little bit more precision work there we go I like that I like it a little bit more watery and I'm just going to block some of it away there we go with the girl okay now let's go ahead and add a little bit of a yellow for the flowers can I do you want to block some that away as well a little bit more green yeah just very subtle on this piece so my last color is gonna be blue for the little birdie and you can definitely take this technique and use on other items as well just keep in mind when you're picking out the piece you might be doing this too if it has a lot of detail that really helps with this technique so a lot of recesses where the paint can go into and a lot of different things happening that we can pull out the different elements with the paint I am happy with that so I'm gonna go ahead and let that dry for about 15 minutes and then I'm going to come back and I'm going to apply the resin on top of it and cure it in the UV light and then you'll be able to see the finished piece art patina is now dry and we are ready to add our UV resin and this actually does look really pretty just as is you could leave it like this you don't need to seal it with anything the patinas are made to work with metal so you'd be good to go but I really like the high shine of the UV resin so I'm gonna go ahead and use it so to start I'm gonna place it on my little platform because once I put the resin on it I'm not gonna want to actually touch it again and I'm gonna use a toothpick to spread my resin because I'm going to want to go very slowly and pay particular attention to this hole because I don't want to accidentally fill it in so I'm just going to place a couple drops in the center it's really nice how easy it is to apply this that nozzle is great I'm gonna start with the two drops I'll come back and do more if I need to I just need a really thin layer and I'm just gonna spread it with the toothpick and I do want some more again just in the center there we go and as I'm working with this I can tell you there's not much odor to it whenever you are working with any type of resin you always work in a well-ventilated area but it's nice because there's really not much odor to this guy so you see I'm just dragging the resin along I'm pushing it out to the sides it was nice to have the little platform here which is just a business card turned upside down so I can rotate it now we're to the tricky part is we want to pay close attention to that hole we don't want to fill it with resin because we're then not going to be able to use a jump ring to attach this to whatever piece of jewelry it's going to eventually live with I think it's going to be a pretty little simple chain that we're going to hang this from so I'm being really cautious and I'm okay if I don't get resin right up to that hole she has little eyes tail and I feel like I'm ready to go and by doing it very slowly and carefully and dragging the resin you can see I really didn't end up with any bubbles which is nice and if you did have some you could really just pull them out with the toothpick so another advantage to doing it like this we're gonna turn on our light and then we are going to very carefully and I'm actually gonna slide this off the table so it stays level pick it up keeping it level and parallel to my table I'm just going to scoot it into the lamp and we are gonna keep it there for 15 minutes and then it will be ready to be made into a lovely piece of jewelry our 15 minutes is up it's time to take this out of the UV light and it is fully cured you can see what it looks like so I do want to show you now just the comparison so here's before here's after it was not hard to do is really actually quite quick and easy but I think you end up with a really unique finished piece you can find all the supplies for this project and more tutorials at you

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