How to use ImpressArt Stamp Enamel

SKU VID-1004
Designer: Julie Bean
Use ImpressArt stamp enamel to make your metal stamp designs 'pop' and stand out more clearly against metal blanks. The ink fills the recess left behind by the stamp and the excess is easily wiped away with a cloth.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and pop and so I've done a little example here it's going to be a dog tag and I'm going to end up putting a phone number down here in a very small print but you see that we can clearly see the name zippy because I did the metal punching and then I filled it in with stamp enamel so I want to show you how to do that so I'm going to take this little guy here this is a soft strike pewter blank which is a really great stamping blank to punch on because the punches come through very clear and I have the letter P and this is an impress art stamp from an alphabet set and this would be if you want to create a jewelry tag or a little bit of personalization so with the P facing me I'm going to line it up on my blank and I'm going to give it one good whack there we go you see you have a quite a variety of different blanks to choose from this is just a very small sampling but these are actually really quite cool all right so we've got that P on there and let me just for good measure I'm going to do a second one so we have a side by side comparison here okay let me move these guys aside and I want to show you how to use a stamp enamel so this is a really nice size tube you're going to shake it up and I would recommend wearing some gloves just because it makes it really nice to just be able to take off your gloves and not have to worry about having any of the stamp enamel on your hands that you need to try to wash off you're also going to want some paper towels handy so we're going to shake this guy up and then we just pull the lid off and this is our design space bottle so it has had some use here here's a course will arrive very clean and we're just going to fill in the letter just like that it's nice because it does have a nice tip so you don't need another applicator to apply this we're going to wait ten seconds and after 10 seconds wait another second or two okay after 10 seconds we're just going to wipe away the excess ink and there we go and there you have your comparison and actually I can wipe that a little bit more there we there's your side-by-side comparison of one that has been filled in and one that has not so you can see you really can see that lettering much more clearly you can find the impressed art stamp available these soft straight computer blanks the hammer a whole bunch of other supplies for this type of art at you

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