Beading Thread Overview: Wildfire, Fireline, KO, and Nymo

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, learn about the various beading threads available for your bead weaving, bead embroidery, and loom work projects. Each thread has its own special properties and is better for task over the other.
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you Hi, this is Julie with and we'll also be doing other videos talking about different types of cord but these are strictly threads and i want to talk about the different ones available we have fire line wildfire wildfire Nemo and Keo and these are probably our four most common threads that you're going to come across when you're doing projects like bead weaving bead embroidery loom work edge work different things like that so I want to talk about each one and tell you which one you know we as the designers that beat a holic like to use and what our recommendations and preferences are so let's first talk about fire line and wildfire these are two very similar threads and it really ends up being a personal preference of what you want it which one you want to use they both come in a point zero zero six and eight point zero zero eight but what's interesting to note is the fire line is quite a bit thinner than the Wildfire even though they're technically the same size on the package so here I have the smoke color point zero zero six and then I've got the black point zero zero six wildfire and when you compare the two you'll see that the fire line is quite a bit thinner I personally prefer that in my beading projects just because I really like to do a lot of beading work with I do multiple passes and having this really nice thin strong thread is an asset but again you can conversely be like you want to get a beaded project that has a lot more structure to it and strength and then the wildfire is going to come in handy because it is going to bulk it up a little bit is going to make it really nice and pretty pretty tight which is very appealing as well so both of these come in a basically white and a black version their smoke is the black version for fire line I want to compare the fire line point zero zero six to the fire line point zero zero eight not a huge difference it's just a little bit thicker so the larger the number the thicker the thread let me do that also with the wildfire here's the point zero zero six and here's the point zero zero eight again you're seeing it's just a wee bit thicker but where you're really seeing the difference is with the difference between the fire line and the wildfire in their respect respected sizes so even though these are the same size you'll see they're quite a bit different so fire line is a braided thread wildfire wildfire sorry guys I have a hard time saying that one is a thermal bonded thread which means you can't pierce it with a needle so if you are doing some bead work you're going to do multiple passes it's actually really nice to have that where it's not going to be able to be pierced both of them are not going to fray they're going to give you a really nice strong hold for your bead work much stronger than naima or Keo so if you are doing a bead weaving project I have a couple examples right here I'm going to recommend to use a fire line or a wildfire again personal preference but it's going to make it really nice and very strong you're not going to be able to stretch that thread and it's not going to snap on you it would take a lot of effort to make it snap so these are my choices for bead weaving and then if you're going to do bead embroidery which I have an example here loom work an example or edge work I'm going to recommend Nemo or Keo these are much more similar these are much closer to your sewing threads if you do a lot of sewing projects you do have a little bit of stretch to them they will fray on you they're not bonded the Nemo is actually a twisted thread it's also a lot softer comes in more colors it's just a lot more delicate so it's going to be ideal if you want to do loom work and you can actually see here this is really nice and flexible even with the backing on it and it's got all the different threads in here these threads also come in a lot of colors so you can color match whereas with the fireline wildfire you're limited to the black or the white and then here I want to show you a little hard to see on this but you see all the delicate stitching our designer cat has done on the back side of this she used Nemo and all the little discreet knots so it's really nice to be able to thread this nice thin soft thread to a needle be able to easily pierce your ultra suede backing with it which is what I did here you might be able to see my stitching a little bit better right here so this is much more of like a sewing type technique and then appropriately so has a more sewing type thread to it you would not want to use any of these threads here for stringing projects if you're going to be doing something where you're stringing a bunch of beads and then attaching a clasp you'd want to use beading wire which we'll talk about in another video and before I sign off I do want to give you one more size note you'll often see size B or size D naima thread B is the thinner thread D is a thicker thread there's really not a lot of difference because this is a twisted thread I would not recommend it for bead weaving where you have to do multiple needle passes I would keep it to the loom work the bead embroidery or your edge work and then ko is very similar here it's really again not much difference here but they're all super soft very flexible and KO actually has some gorgeous colors available in it as well so I hope this overview kind of give you a little bit better understanding of the type of threads you want to choose for your jewelry making projects these threads are all available on and I'll do another video like I mentioned before on beading wire talking about its different sizes and what's available for beading wire so I hope you enjoyed this have fun and happy beading you

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