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Hi, this is Kat with off at haul and these are little cards that will help you get your peyote started you can see right here and I'm going to show you exactly how to do that today so when you get it you'll get this card and when you open it up it'll give you photo instructions on how to do this but I just wanted to kind of visually show you in a video I think it makes a little bit more sense that way so you'll get this and then you'll get three cards and these are meant to be used with size eleven o beads and today I'm going to show you using just some miyuki delicas in size eleven o I also have here just some fire line in the smoke color because I want it to show up here so you guys can see I have a needle and I have a little stopper bead and you'll see why that's important when we begin so I'm going to start by showing you how to do the even count peyote so for the even count peyote go ahead and take your needle and I just have a length of thread mine's not very long just to show you but you can use however long you're comfortable working with so go ahead and thread on your stopper bead you thread it on and you want to leave a little bit of a tail and then you'll just take this and you'll take your needle and go back through to catch it and it'll stay nice and tight so right there so now to do this you're going to take your card and gently fold it and this one I've used a couple of times so it already has a little bit of a crease in it but that just shows you how durable they are which i think is great because you can use these you can use these same cards over and over again so take your needle and you're going to come up through this first little hole right here let me get it there we go so you're going to come up through this first hole and you're going to thread your stopper bead until it catches so it's on the back there so now you can fold your card and you'll go through this first little hole here and you'll come out right there so you'll just come right out there and now you're ready to begin adding beads go ahead and pick up one bead on your needle and you're going to take your needle and go through the card here and just come out through the next opening and pull through and your bead should just snap right into place right there go ahead and pick up another one and go through the next and while I'm doing this let me just share with you that this card is 32 beads wide if you have a wider length there's a way to cut the other cards to add length so it's just kind of a little bit of work but you can cut them and then tape them back together and I'll show you how to do that at the end so let me get a nice even count here and I'm only going to do four just to show you all right so now is where we do our turnaround so you'll pick up your next bead and if you're following along with a pattern and you're not just doing a single color like I am here you know how in peyote you'll pick up your first and your second row all together in this case you're only picking up that first row of up beads and this is going to be your second row so you'll see as that as the piece develops here when I show you how you'll follow a pattern and it's just it's very simple it actually makes following peyote patterns a little bit easier especially if you have trouble following along with that first and second row so now I'm just going to turn it around again and go back through and with these cards it is recommended that you do at least four rows before continuing on and removing it from the card I think the card is great because it actually gives you something to sort of hold on to so you're not finagling with your beads and it kind of gives you a little bit of an anchor especially if you want to put your work down and come back to it so you can actually leave it on until you're completely finished if that's if that's what you want or if you're eager to remove the card I'm going to show you how to do that after this last bead here so here is my last row so now I've done four rows and like I said you can keep going and you don't have to remove it from the card but I'm going to show you how to do that put your thread down and you'll open it up and you'll see that on this side there are little thread bridges and we're just going to remove those but first go ahead and remove your bead stopper just set that aside and I'm going to use my needle here just to kind of go under here and catch the thread and just pull it through you can do that on each one here careful not to catch the paper and last one here there we go so now my thread is removed and as you can see it's already dropping from the other side so there you have it and then you can just continue on doing your peyote so it actually makes it kind of nice to be able to use these you just have to like I said when you're doing a pattern just be very careful as to which ones you're picking up and in which order so now I'm going to show you how to do the same technique using the peyote card by doing odd count peyote and this one's a little tricky so just follow along so again we're going to pick up our stopper bead just as we did before and we're going to go back through to make sure that we catch it and we have a little tail same thing again you're going to come back up through that first hole right there and pull your thread all the way through until you catch your stopper bead on the back now go ahead and fold your card and again you're going to go through that first hole and out the first bead hole same as before okay so now we're ready to start adding beads pick up one bead go through the paper come out the first I'm sorry to come out the second hole and just keep adding beads as we did before and I'm going to do five here just to show you the turnaround and the same idea applies to a pattern with an odd count peyote this will just be your first row that you're picking up right here okay so what you're going to do now is that's your last bead of your pattern and you see how it's just coming out here what you're going to do is you're going to take your thread and go through the speed without picking up another one and pull all the way through so you'll have a little thread right there and now we're just going to continue we're going to pick up another bead and we're going to just go back through and this is your second row and we're just going to turn it around all right and we're going to do this one last bead here so I have my thread coming out here now I'm going to go down through this bead here the last one in that first row get my needle in there there you go right there thread through and now you're going to pick up one more bead and do the turnaround here by going into this bead right here and now we're going to do the same turnaround that we teach in our odd count peyote so you're just going to go up through this next bead here and then you're going to go through and down this bead and the bead next to it so I'm going through those two beads right there and pull through not catching your tail so you're going to pull through and the thread will fall right in between those two rows right there and then you're going to go down through this the speed right here and then back through and now you're ready to begin your next drill so I'm going to do a quick row here and then I'm going to show you that again just so that you see this is all explained on the peyote card that you'll get with this project and you just follow along with the arrows in case you've forgotten how to do this but I think it makes it a little bit easier especially with the card you get the chance to kind of hold your work together so I'm coming out that bead and I want to go down through this bead right here in the next row below down and around and I'm going to pick up one bead go back through that first bead and that next bead and then I'm going to turn my thread around and go down through the bead right below and up through the next bead so through both beads right there watch the threads snap into place go through the bead below the one I just strung snap and I'm ready to start my next row now from here it's the same steps as to remove it from the card I'll show you that real quickly again just remove your stopper bead and take your needle and begin pulling your thread out trying to not catch that paper there you go and your work will release and you'll be on your way to continuing your peyote pattern one other quick thing I just wanted to show you with these is how to add to it so like I said if you just fold it like this and you take a second card and you'll cut here right along there I'm not going to do it to this one because I just I don't want to ruin these they're so valuable so you're just going to cut there and then you're going to fold and what you're basically going to do is you are just going to add on and you'll just sort of tape it together so I hope that makes sense for you guys that's again explained in the card that you get it's explained right here on the back I just want to show you so it will tell you how to kind of cut it so that it fits with what you're looking for but you can use these again and again and all the instruction is right here and I think these are really great it's easy for beginners it's it's definitely a very good helpful thing even if you are advanced and you know it's like oh I know how to do that and you know I tried this and it's definitely worth a very minimal investment and you can actually purchase all of these items at you

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