Technique Spotlight: Stretch Cord Bracelets

If you are looking for a fun and easy project and technique to explore, look no further then stretch bracelets! These bracelets have the advantage of being one-size-fits-all, require no findings, can be quickly made, and require just one tool—a big eye needle! This technique really lets you just relax and enjoy the act of stringing beads in a host of wonderful combinations and "playing" as you make your designs. Stretch bracelets also make wonderful gifts because you do not need to worry about sizing. Consider making several and stacking them together for a layered look or mix and match seed bead strung bracelets with larger scale beaded ones. 

If you are new to making stretch bracelets. Here is a really good video to watch: 

Featured Video: How to Make a Stretch Bracelet Featuring Raven's Journey Czech Glass Beads

Besides beads, which can be anything from seed beads, to Czech Glass Beads, or even PRESTIGE pearls and crystals, you will need a good stretch cord. My personal favorite is Opelon. I especially like how Opelon holds it's knots, which is important for stretch bracelets. 

Now to get your beads onto the stretch cord, you can try to just place them one with your fingers, but I find it so much easier to just slip the end of the Opelon into a big eye needle. Then you can just easily slide the needle through your beads like any other stringing project. 

For designing, here is another video to give you some inspiration: 

Featured Video: How to Design a Set of Stretch Cord Bracelets

Don't forget when designing that you can add charms to your stretch bracelets. That's always a fun way of personalizing them. You can also consider making a double wide stretch cord bracelet by using Czech Glass 2-hole beads. This is a clever twist on a traditional stretch bracelet. 

After you have made your bracelets and tied your knots, you will want to add a little bit of glue to your knots for extra security. I really like GS Hypo Cement because of it's precision applicator. It lets you get right in between the beads. 

From watching the videos, you hopefully feel inspired to make some stretch bracelets! If you are looking for some bead combo design ideas, here are some past Beadaholique projects for more inspiration:


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