The Beadsmith Opelon Stretch Bead Cord, 0.7mm 5 Meters, 1 Spool, White

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  • Finally, the secret's out: you can churn out large quantities of stretchy bracelets and anklets - fast.
  • How do those other jewelry makers do it? How do they sell stretchy bracelets so cheap, when it's such a pain to poke that clear stretchy cord through each bead one by one?
  • Well, here's the secret. You Need TWO THINGS: First, you need the right kind of needle, called The Big Eye Needle (see our Jewelry Making Supplies).
  • Second, you need THIS FIBROUS STRETCH CORD! This cord has several advantages over that clear stretch cord; (1) it doesn't get longer and lose elasticity with wear, (2) it is more stretchy (hey, it's pure Lycra Spandex!), so it's ideal for making anklets that are small enough for an ankle, but can easily be stretched big enough to glide over a foot; and (3) it can be put through the right kind of needle! Oh, and (4) it can be knotted, and the knots will be small enough to hide inside a 4mm bead.
  • Quantity: 5 meters (just over 16.4 feet unstretched.) Measurement: Approximately .7mm unstretched. Stretches thinner.

Instructions for use:
This cord is not suitable for very heavy beads, nor should it be used with beads with sharp or abrasive surfaces, such as some ceramic or metal beads. We have used it without any problems with metal spacers and glass beads up to 8mm. Do not use this thread with beads whose holes are so small that the needle must be forced, such as small pearls. Knot this cord to finish your bracelets, do not use crimp beads, as they will fray the cord.

  • SKU: XCR-2228
  • Weight: 18 g
Additional Information
Style Stretch Cord
Shape Round
Materials Elastic
Size Reference Chart
The Beadsmith Opelon Stretch Bead Cord, 0.7mm 5 Meters, 1 Spool, White

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
So far so hood

I’m new to jewelry making. So far this cord has been great. I don’t have anything to compare it to but I’m satisfied.

Opelan stretch cord

I like it for my bigger beads just wish it was smaller so it worked with my size 11 beading needles. Used it just stringing by hand and my kids love the little daisy rings I made them.

The best stretch cord I've found!

I like this much better than any other stretch cord I have tried. I find it easier to work with, and it lasts longer.

Opelon Gone Wrong!! Please don't recommend such an awful product to customers.
Opelon Gone Wrong! Please don't continue recommending this awful Product!

I was watching a tutorial on how to use a certain tool when the 2 women on the video both recommended the viewers to use Opelon Cord, they said how much better than all the other cords, line, and string you can buy out there. I took their word for it and bought 2 EXPENSIVE rolls of it thinking it would be the best. Once I received it in the mail, I was really excited to try it out. So I beaded an entire bracelet using Opelon when finally at the last bead and when I was almost ready to tie it off, the whole Freakin cord broke, Spilling my attempt at making a really cool bracelet all over the table. A few days after that I made a bracelet and necklace for one of my friends using Opelon Again, thinking that maybe I had done something wrong the first time around. Then my friend brought it back in shambles the next day. She said both the necklace and the bracelet had snapped while she was trying to put them on. How unbelievable and irritating it was. Anyway I do not recommend Opelon to anyone, it is not worth the price or the headache also be careful when buying items that the tutorials recommend.

Thank you for your feedback and sharing your experience with this item. Opelon stretch cord is a favorite of our designers and many of our customers, making it one of our bestselling products with many repeat purchases. We are sorry that you did not have the same experience with your projects. If you would like to return your unused roll, please contact our team at for help.