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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to make a stretch cord bracelet featuring beautiful czech glass beads from raven's journey now i have three different styles here and i'm going to mix and match them into my design so i have these beautiful floral pieces here and i love these because they're top drilled so they go right through the center there i also have these little birdies here and they're the same way they're going to go right through that center and then i thought it would be really nice to bring out some little spacer beads just to give a little extra pop of color but i'm going to be combining these three into my stretch bracelet okay so the other things that you're going to need is i'm going to be using the opelon stretch cord today now you can use some stretch magic or whatever you like i prefer the opelon it's a really nice stretchy fiber cord and it's going to disappear really nicely in there so it's got some good stretch to it so i'm going to be using the opal on here today i'm going to be using a little gs hypo cement to secure my knots and then the other thing i'm going to be using is i'm going to be using a large eye or excuse me a big eye needle and that's just going to really help just string that up really fast now one thing about the big eye needle is that you can absolutely use it if the holes on your beads allow for it and you're going to notice and you're going to see how that's going to work with these smaller hole beads here okay and then i'm going to use flush cutters but you can also use a pair of scissors just to trim off your tails when you're done okay so first things first i'm going to set this aside and i'm going to start with my opal on here so i'm going to release my little guard there set that aside now you can go ahead and cut off your desired length i like to leave it on the spool it's a little tip so that we can kind of just leave it on the spool there that way we don't have any waste at the end because the other thing that's going to happen here is i'm going to take my big eye needle and open up that eye slit my opal on through there and i only want to slip through maybe about an inch or so not too much because what's going to happen with this big eye needle is this part of the opal on is going to get compromised because it's going to get tugged and tugged and tugged as we add on beads so you're going to want to at least cut your opal on here when you're done with your bracelet so once you're at this point we're ready to start creating our beautiful bracelet so i'm going to alternate here so what i'm going to do is the top goes down or excuse me on these little birdie beads it's top drilled so i'm going to go down always through the top of the bird kind of pull that down you can see that it's already tugging a little which is fine and then i'm going to add a little spacer bead and again you can see that it kind of stops right there so just go ahead and pull that down i'm going to add on one of my little flower beads here and we're going to pull that down and another spacer and i'm just going to do this alternating pattern here and i'm going to add a bird a spacer a flower a spacer so this is going to be my my little pattern here you can always create a focal you can create lots of different stacking bracelets let's say you wanted to make a design where you had one that was all flowers one that was all spacers one that was all birds and you can kind of stack them up together that's what i love about working with stretch bracelets uh they're just really fun and it is truly endless possibilities of different styles okay so now you can see my pattern here i am going to continue for my desired length i'm probably going to try to get about a seven inch bracelet here but you can just see that it's really nice and they sit nice and nestled there the spacers are perfectly tucked in there and that nice little purple pop is just fantastic all right so i'm going to continue stringing and then i'm going to show you how to tie it off and secure our stretch bracelet at the very end okay so i think i'm almost done with my pattern here i'm going to add on one more little spacer bead and i think that is gonna do it so let me just double check my pattern everybody's facing the right way perfect okay so now what we're gonna do is we're gonna go ahead and remove that little needle you can just set that aside if it's gotten too tangled in there you can just kind of clip that off and now i'm just going to bring my two ends together here and i'm just going to scooch this down now one thing that you want to do is you want to get a nice tight knot but nothing that's going to be too kinked then i'll show you what i mean here so i have my cord here and i'm just going to tie a very simple overhand knot bringing that through and tying it together here at the end now you can see that i have a good knot there but everything is you know nice and stretchy still you don't want to pull it too tight so that the beads don't move at all you see that they're a little bit more crunched we don't want it to be that tight we want it to be tight so give it a nice good tug but nothing too too kinky down there at the bottom and then go ahead and we're going to tie another overhand knot and you can see that i have a nice long tail and there's a reason for that all right there we go so now i have a nice little double knot there so what i'm going to do is i'm going to string this through and if you need to you can go ahead and put your big eye needle back on there just to the very tip the very end and we're going to string it through one of the adjacent beads there and now it's going to be a little tougher to get that through i'm actually going to use the help of a chain nose pliers that i have nearby there we go and pull that through you can see that it's nice and nice and stuck but that's what we want we want this to be secure so i'm just going to pull that through there and now i have that little knot sitting right there on the edge okay so what i'm going to do is come in with my gs hypo cement and the reason i like using the gs hypo cement is because it has a pinpoint a little piece here that we can get right in on that knot so if you can see right there we're just going to get nice and close you see that nice little dab of glue there really really get that knot nice and secure and i'm going to rest it over there and now what i'm going to do is i'm going to take that bird bead and kind of slide it as close up to that knot as i can and then take that purple bead and slide that in there as well now i'm going to try something here i'm gonna try to clip off this end just like so and i'm gonna try to slide it through that purple bead i don't know if i'll have enough space there but let's give it a try okay so slide that through i'm gonna come in with my chain nose pliers to help me grip it there we go oh and it worked perfect so we're gonna do the same thing here so now what's happening is that those two beads are gonna be glued together so you can just see really closely there that those two little beads are glued together and now we're just gonna kind of pull those nice and tight and then finally we can come in and clip off our extra threads there on both sides now sometimes if the beads allow you can go all the way back through and do a double sort of round of the opal on these beads are a little tighter so it's not going to work quite that well with these beads but i thought this would be a really fun way to showcase those beautiful ravens journey beads in a nice pretty form and i just think they're just they just look so lovely together you can get all of these supplies and see even more videos by heading over to and be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from you

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