5 Great Jewelry Making Tools You Never Knew Existed!

When I started making jewelry, I purchased a good set of chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, and cutters. I still use these three tools all the time but I have also discovered some lesser known tools that are super handy and that I absolutely love! In this blog post I want to share those tools and why I love them so much.

First off, the Bead Bugs by Bead Buddy! I think almost everyone who has ever beaded has also experienced the frustration (and shock) of your stringing project unraveling before your eyes as your beads rapidly fall off your stringing material. Mine usually happens when I put the project down and accidentally knock it or when a tiny little hand picks it up saying "look mommy!" Whatever the reason, it is never fun to see all your work dissolve in a matter of milliseconds. That's why I love Bead Bugs. It fastens easily onto the end of your beading wire and keeps your beads in place. Then you can also put another one on the other end to have a completely secured section of beads. 

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Kumihimo weights are another tool that I really like and which helped to solve a problem in my kumihimo designs (uneven braid thickness and patches that looked lumpy at times). Weights help to anchor your braid as it feeds through the hole in the center of the kumihimo disc. This helps to maintain even tension as you design which results in a smoother, more uniform braid. Weights also help make the the start of the braid easier. 

ImpressArt Stamp Guides. If you have ever done metal stamping, particularly trying to write out words or phrases, you know how challenging it is to get the letters straight and spaced properly. ImpressArt has these little guide stickers that you put right on the stamping blank and it makes it SO much easier to punch your letters and designs. 

The Beadalon Spool Tamer is another one of those tools that just makes life so much easier and reduces frustration. These little bands have a hole in the side to allow you to thread your wire through (regular wire and beading wire). It keeps the spools from unraveling in your supply box and then makes it easy to pull wire out of the spool a little at a time. 

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Last but not least is The Beadsmith Scoop Eez. This simple tool makes it easy to clean up your seed beads and get them back into their tubes. If you do a lot of work with seeds beads, it can really save a lot of time and a lot of lost beads.

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Discover even more options with our entire selection of jewelry making tools.

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