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Hi this is Megan with today I'm going to show you how to use the new Beadalon spool tamer wire dispensers and these are really handy and very easy to use They come in a pack of 3. So I've got three different products here. I've got some Beadalon beading wire, some artistic wire and some wildfire thread because while it says it's for wire it's also a really handy for thread. I'm just gonna show you real quick what this does. The Beadalon wire does come with this little plastic piece here to hold the wire on but if you lose that or if you have a spool of wire that doesn't come with that this is really handy. So I'm just going to take the end of your wire and put it through the hole on your spool tamer from the inside and then you're just going to slide the spool tamer, it's elastic. So just slide right over and it's gonna hold everything in place really well and you can just pull your wire out. Another really fun little thing they did here is they added this little tab and what the tab does is you can grab the tab and it very easily feed out my wire and then if you've got extra wire coming out, if you just go the other way, go counter clockwise it's going to wrap your wire up all nice and tidy for next time. So it works just as well on the thread which me I'm a big bead weavers. So I really love how easy it is to deal with your thread when you've got one of these on there I'll definitely need to get some ideas for myself again it's gonna just help you keep it all neat and tidy and on these spools it's just going clockwise, just go the way that it feeds in and you can cinch your thread back up so it's really great and I just wanna show you how to make them smaller. They are adjustable. You can use them with pretty much any spool size. So I have a little tiny artistic wire spool and all I'm gonna do is adjust the elastic part are little buckles you wanna just make it fit right around your spool. Take the end of your wire and if you've dealt with wire you'll know that if you let that go its gonna kinda go and expand. This is a really handy tool if your wanting to avoid that just put that right around the end of your spool and you can use it on the smaller spool just as easily and you can either trim these off if you want to permanently use it for a smaller spool or you can leave them on there. It'll allow you to keep it adjustable to go back to a larger spool and even with a thicker wire it's gonna pull it right in when you use the little tab. So those are the Beadalon spool tamers They're a really really great new product. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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